what is this?

In short: a website about reddit.com. A bit longer: Originally, I used the reddit API to compile top 10 lists of subreddits. But in the process it became apparent that this doesn't do the thousands of active reddits justice. Thus a new /reddits was born. There was also no way to organize multireddits (combining reddits, like so: reddit.com/r/pics+WTF). That's where /tags comes in. If you ever tried to search for something on reddit, you know why there is /search. /stalk lets you get a feel in what reddits a redditor is active in. With the /monitor you can find out when a phrase is mentioned in reddit's comments and submissions. More information on the features can be found on the help page.

who dunnit?

Thomas Misera, studying Knowledge Engineering at Universiteit Maastricht/NL (funds permitting). You can email me, or drop me a line on reddit.

but... how?

Magic. Also used python, werkzeug, postgres, sqlalchemy, mako, markdown, jquery, memcached. Running on apache with mod_wsgi.


Thanks to reddit for providing content and API. Thanks to the redditors for gathering all that content, and being an awesome community. Thanks to the giants on whose shoulders I stand.

keeping track of 1,160,062 reddits