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What is the best game review sites?

comment by misspork in gaming

3 years ago

read a lot user reviews. steam reviews tell you how many hours they've played

What critically aclaimed videogame did you hate?

comment by recake in AskReddit

3 years ago

I played this game with zero expectations and was so pleasantly surprised. It kept me on edge and interested for the entire duration of the game, and I actually really enjoyed the ending. I understand that some people wouldn't like it but I've got to say I'm surprised by the vitriol in some of the steam reviews. :\

What critically aclaimed videogame did you hate?

comment by mynewaccount5 in AskReddit

3 years ago

critically acclaimed is not defined by steam reviews

MadMax - Poor reviews?

submission by YoloMcSweggins in Cynicalbrit

3 years ago

In TotalBiscuit's latest video about MadMax, he said he couldn't find any complaints with the game. Yes, he was mostly talking about the port, but he said how nice the controls were, how smooth the driving was, etc. However a lot of reviewers have been saying the game isn't good at all. Gamespot gave MadMax a 6/10. Metacritic 3.5/5. The steam reviews are overwhelmingly positive, but as you know those are typically unreliable. I was hoping TB can make a dedicated review of the game, since so many people are giving mixed opinions. I'm not sure if I should get MadMax, or Metal Gear Solid 5.

All this love for MGS but what about Mad Max? Such a beautiful game

comment by CourageousKoala in gaming

3 years ago

Judging by the steam reviews it seems like that's only happening to a very small percentage of people.

Should I buy Grid

submission by mpaul07 in pcmasterrace

3 years ago

I like racing games and Grid is currently on sale. I am thinking about selling my M4A4 Dragon King and buying this game. Should I do it? I have seen a few steam reviews saying that the game is crashing or having glitches... Did this happen to you?

Common Sense worth it?

submission by RomanSoviet in eu4

3 years ago

So I've been thinking of getting Common Sense for some time now since it seems like it would really help in my first Ironman game (Brandenburg>Prussia>Germany). However, upon seeing the steam reviews, I have a few reservations, since "mixed" usually means bad. Have most of the issues that people complained about been fixed, or is it still a giant turd like it is made out to be?

Today was a good day

comment by TheShamit in gaming

3 years ago

Steam reviews are giving it a 97%. I would say its worth looking at.

Evoland 2 is an insanely great sequel. More people should play it.

submission by ChromakeyDreamcoat in Games

3 years ago

Looking at Steam reviews, /r/games, etc, I'm really surprised to see barely any discussion/hype about Evoland. The original wasn't very good, so I can understand low expectations. I feel like word of mouth should have gotten the hype train going by now!

A few awesome things it has:
- A huge overworld to explore.
- Multiple time periods, just like Chrono Trigger.
- Plenty of secrets to find.
- A CCG in-game, similar to Hearthstone. I actually had the most fun with this part of the game (moreso the collecting).
- A surprisingly great story. It takes a bit too long to get going and there's a bit too much character fluff, but once you're given the freedom to explore I really felt compelled to find out what happens next.
- Tons of takes on different games/genres (spoilers in case you'd rather be surprised:). They feel more fleshed out this time around.

My only complaints:
- The story/game take a bit to get started (probably a few hours) and there's way too much "cutesy" dialogue.
- Some of the "genre" game modes were a miss for me. For example:.

Any other ideas on why this game isn't getting more love?

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