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TIL George Washington was not in favor of political parties claiming in his farewell address that it would lead to "inter-political conflict, divide the nation, and give rise to cases of tyranny."

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3 hours, 10 minutes ago

It has First Past the Post. It does not have an electoral college, so it's actually just whoever gets the most votes (often less than a majority). The congress has some proportionate representation, but even without that, it would have many parties. The Mexican political character has always been diverse, since before the idea of "Mexico" really caught on. Even with all these parties, many feel unrepresented. Anarchism is more popular in the south of Mexico than nearly anywhere else (maybe Kurdistan surpasses them) and the EZLN has maintained an active rebellion for two decades.

Millennials Overwhelmingly Favor 'No' Vote in Greek Referendum: 71 percent of those between ages 18 to 24 support "no," along with 59 percent of those aged 25 to 34

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13 hours, 33 minutes ago

Doubtful. Anarchism is strong among young Greeks. They hate authority, they hate politicians. They despise the golden dawn more than any other. The golden dawn's popularity tends to come from scared older generations.

Also, golden dawn is finished. They're effectively outlawed and their leaders are on trial.

North Korean escapes and reveals the Worst

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There exist forms of communism without a state at all, ie anarchism. It existed for a short time in Spain during their civil war as well as in Ukraine. However, the Spanish territory was overrun by fascist forces, and the Bolsheviks in Russia put an end to the free territory of Ukraine. Statist communists stabbed anarcho-communists in the back after they allied with them.

Healthy 24-year-old woman granted right to die in Belgium. She has depression.

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thathz should have probably said "anarchism". There is a difference between the term "anarchy" which does simply mean "no ruler/king/government" and "anarchism" which is an ideology concerned with creating a society without hierarchy.

What movie created within 2000-2015 will be considered a classic in the future?

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There's the analysis of what he does with his son, how he goes about convincing people to follow him, and his relationship with Eli. It's a weird power struggle with Eli and Daniel the whole way through, which is what makes those two scenes -- the church scene and the ending scene -- so powerful. And finally, the ending monologue, once you understand it, is a very clear explanation of a fundamental flaw in modern anarchism: sometimes, people can just take the benefits that rightly belong to other people without actually getting in their way.

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