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What is the best non-essential $10-$20 you spend every month?

comment by unfubar in AskReddit

4 years ago

How many of you own a semi-popular subreddit, and how did you get it to the point of popularity?

comment by Chtorrr in AskReddit

4 years ago

Use metareddit to track terms related to your reddit. I use it to find free ebooks people have posted elsewhere on reddit and I ask them to post their book in /r/freeEBOOKS.

It helps that free stuff is a popular topic b

Hoekom wys dit daar meer as 1300 subscribers is ?

submission by NedlaRSA in Orania

4 years ago

Metareddit wys die korrekte telling as 42

On the idea behind Upvotes for comments

submission by alfalfa1 in metareddit

4 years ago

I'm an occasional redditor. I run around the site, and finding this metareddit about the usage of the site as a whole was awesome, because I want to discuss the idea of the upvote.

Someone somewhere once described democracy as 'mob rule,' and with the removal of r/atheism and r/ politics as defaults I noticed that the general consensus among folks here was that the quality of the posts and discussions on those subreddits will go up. Seems plausible enough; make the fishing net more specialized to catch the fish you want, or whatever metaphor you'd like to use, and the rewards due to the quality of the catch go up. This because there will be fewer people with a low amount of interest or very little interest in high quality discussion upvoting only the funny comments or comments that seem articulate and well reasoned and insightful.

1: I want to ask: what other ways of equalizing which posts are the most looked at exist? I know that it is often asked that people will not downvote just for disagreement, but even if someone's position or phrasing or whatever is disagreeable, they are often downvoted depending on how polarized the views of such subreddit are.

2: Have other ways besides the upvote system for comments been used/tested in the past? Are there results somewhere?

3: What else is being done to ensure that the most quality comments rise to the top, not just the funniest/most agreeable/seemingly well-spoken?

I want to restrict this discussion to upvotes for comments only, not actual post submissions.

I'm trying to bring a critical eye to this idea. I recognize it's an innovative and helpful system, but not perfect.

Perhaps reddit-gold is what I'm asking about, but that does not guarantee upvotes (although the two go hand in hand, often times). Maybe perhaps some kind of special status from the mods that allows a certain comment to be looked at (and therefore discussed) by more people? I know that may be pretty skewed, too.

Thank you for your thoughts.

What is the website metareddit?

submission by 2sik2betrue in AskReddit

4 years ago

Just a simple question.

CMV: I believe the subreddit /r/changemyview is not completely without merit

submission by XXCoreIII in changemyview

4 years ago

I often here people in the metareddit subs and irc channels express the opinion that /r/changemyview is worthless, referring to it as such things as 'validate my view' or claiming that all OPs are either entirely unwilling to change their opinion, arguing against straw or weak man positions, or behave in ways that are consistent with trolling.

While I acknowledge the bad behavior of many of the OPs here, I find that the commenters are often willing to change opinions in ways that are sane, and sometimes make good arguments which force me to change my own opinion, and as such no matter how against the spirit of CMV OPs behave, the subreddit still serves its purpose.

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