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What controversial opinions do you have that most of Reddit disagrees with? [Serious]

comment by sp0ck06 in AskReddit

3 years ago

shitredditsays is not a legitimate representation of feminists, if you actually think that I don't know what to tell you.

Why does America hate the word cunt?

comment by DanTheTerrible in AskReddit

3 years ago

Unlike other similar insults, "cunt" is seen as particularly insulting to women. A "dick" is a male, "assholes" are essentially genderless, but call someone a cunt and you are invoking the wrath of powerful feminist advocate groups similar to r/shitredditsays. It takes unusual courage to be willing to risk pissing off these bitter hate fueled PMS driven social justice Amazons; few Americans and even fewer public figures have the stomach for it.

What was/is the worst circlejerk on Reddit?

comment by ldn6 in AskReddit

3 years ago


What screams insecurity to you?

comment by praisezommoros in AskReddit

3 years ago

/r/shitredditsays <-- this subreddit embodies insecurity, and cancer

Bernie Sanders booked to appear next week on Colbert’s ‘Late Show’

comment by NatFuts in television

3 years ago

/r/shitredditsays ladies and gentlemen.

Which 2 subreddits if switched, would cause the most chaos?

comment by FreakJoe in AskReddit

3 years ago

/r/MensRights and /r/ShitRedditSays

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