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[NSFW] What is the funniest porn you've ever watched?

comment by WankerBrosBot_1 in AskReddit

3 hours, 31 minutes ago

anyone have a source to full? for science.

Tumblr in a nutshell

comment by khondrych in funny

3 hours, 53 minutes ago

Anyone care to link some examples of this behavior cause I've never actually seen it and I would like to...for science.

Food and chemical companies are spending hundreds of millions to spread false information about the safety of pesticides, GMOs, and antibiotics in food.

comment by arthurpete in worldnews

4 hours, 44 minutes ago

The original article said there was no nutritional difference. The 3 papers i provided showed nutritional difference. Sorry for science'n bro.

What crime does not land you nearly enough jail time as it should?

comment by VillainNGlasses in AskReddit

5 hours, 19 minutes ago

Lol idk how we got here buy let's continue... For science of course!

Seeing the gap between popular opinion and scientific opinion....

comment by danheskett2 in InternetIsBeautiful

5 hours, 37 minutes ago

Doing something for PR is deceptive. Making decisions that appear to be science driven but are actually designed to push non-scientists into further support for science is not cool.

I understand why the decision is made, I just think it's very dangerous.

You're doing it wrong Miley.

comment by tokin_ranger in funny

6 hours, 11 minutes ago

For science

TIFU by hiring an escort (female on female)

comment by trolson1994 in tifu

6 hours, 12 minutes ago

Repost on the weekend plz. For science..

You're doing it wrong Miley.

comment by Skaterk1ng in funny

7 hours, 11 minutes ago

Does she have any other pictures like this, for science?

This one always gets me

comment by Peekydude in gifs

7 hours, 30 minutes ago

Need to borrow that...for science

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