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Windows Solitaire is now a freemium...

comment by yeahthatguyagain in gaming

16 minutes ago

You should link how to do that. For science.

This is mesmerizing.

comment by NasalCactus in gifs

46 minutes ago

Any info on who this know....for science?

Pornhub study suggests that women are more interested in hardcore porn than the usual "female-friendly" porn fare.

comment by --Danger-- in TwoXChromosomes

52 minutes ago

Do you um have any thoughts as to where to locate such things? For science etc.

TIFU by cheating on Candy Crush and getting out of bed at 3am.

comment by Marketing_Man in tifu

1 hour, 39 minutes ago

This same trick also works with Tinder for those interested, you know, for science...

What is a normal thing in society that makes no sense?

comment by hiyosilver64 in AskReddit

2 hours, 53 minutes ago

War, racism, sexism, choosing to be ignorant, spending 50k to kill a well-liked lion being studied for science (oh wait - that's not really "normal" bad), religious extremism......

I'm sure there are more. These just came to the top of my head when I read the question.

In space no one can hear you cream

comment by Chronosition in funny

3 hours, 14 minutes ago

Bro, I need to see this, for science...

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