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If you die a virgin, you're the first person in your direct ancestral lineage to die a virgin.

comment by mstubs in Showerthoughts

1 year ago

I checked out that sub for science. After careful consideration I think that all the people claiming to have sex with their relatives in the pictures are lying.

TIL the Nazi's used special buses that had their exhaust fed into the passenger compartment where they transported mentally disabled people in order to kill them.

comment by Kumoriel in todayilearned

1 year ago

When scientists need people for experiments on the human body's reaction to pain without anesthesia, I want you to be the first subject. Why use such an example? That would be because people like you (armchair eugenicists) cannot imagine your own-selves at the end of the needle or the gun. Textbook eugenics never considers the human standpoint, only the cold hard facts. When the reality of it is that in the face of the advancements science has brought to us it has also brought to us destruction. That is why ethics and science should not be separated. In science without the human touch, you have nothing to lose, and your humanity is already lost— a martyr for science. All that is left of your existence is a cold, calculated data table. And don't say such things are behind us. Humans are capable creatures, willing and ready to do unimaginable things as long as society's morals do not hold us back. We will repeat the past if necessary to achieve a desired result, consequences be damned.

ELI5: The scientific and cultural signigicance of Homo Naledi

comment by Athletichemist in explainlikeimfive

1 year ago

One significant finding of it is the burial chamber. Burying corpses was seen as something relatively human, and now it brings up questions of what makes us human, and when did those qualities start. Apparently some of them may have started 3 million years ago which is exciting for science and sociology!

Aspiring author opens own publishing house after being told repeatedly that Malaysian audiences are not ready for Sci-Fi

comment by daria_87 in books

1 year ago

Are you sure wbout that? It's not that Malaysian aren't ready for science fiction, it's just that the current book industry is riddled with romance and chick flicks stuffs. By the way, I'd say the most famous science fiction novelist of malaysian-muslim origin I would say Ramlee Awang Murshid. His fanbase is pretty huge.

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