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If a USB flash drive was sent back to the 1970's, would computer scientists be able reverse engineer the hardware and read the data?

comment by Rauxbaught in AskHistory

4 years, 9 months ago

I imagine you'll get a better answer at /r/AskCompSci or /r/AskEngineering

(On my phone, may have gotten the names of the subs slightly wrong, but they should be easy to find).

Grave Glitch on Saradomin Agility Shortcut. GG Bank

comment by REDDIT_DOESNT_EXIST in runescape

4 years, 11 months ago

Sorry to hear that. Are you dropping out because you don't enjoy it, or because you are failing? Do you need any help? You can ask /r/askcompsci (I think) questions.

What topics are you finding difficult? I may or may not be able to help you if you'd like.

Karnaugh Map Nonoptimality

comment by infectedapricot in askmath

5 years, 8 months ago

I'm sorry you're having a hard time getting help with your question. Although (like most science) you could argue that Karnaugh maps are math, I think they're exclusively dealt with by computer scientists, so I think you'll have more luck on a computing reddit or message board. /r/AskCompSci is very small and doesn't look very active, so /r/compsci would seem like the best bet.

I will say a couple of things, but bear in mind I know next to nothing about Karnaugh maps (I did learn them many years ago). I'm afraid they're all things you need to improve about your question, rather than suggestions at an answer.

  • I'm not quite sure, but you seem to be worried about two different things, specifically two different meanings of the word "optimal". On the one hand you're worried about whether you might be able to get a better solution if you allow other operations (i.e. allow different type of gates, if we use the result to create a physical circuit), and on the other hand maybe you're worried about just using the same operations (and, or, not) as K-maps more efficiently. This is something you'd need to clarify.
  • When I used K-maps we just stared at the diagram for a while and did what looked best. With this technique two different people could look at the same diagram and maybe get different result. So for your question to make mathematical sense there need to be a specification about what precise algorithm your human K-map user is using. Perhaps if you're interested in all possible solutions that could have been obtained with K-maps then trying them all would actually be NP, which could mean that K-maps could obtain all possible expressions without contradicting the paper you've cited; maybe that's your question.
  • If you're not just happy with one counterexample, you need to be clear with what you actually want. Do you want to see a large class of counterexamples? You might find that an infinite class that just fits a simple pattern and is just as unsatisfying as a single example. Do you want to know all possible counterexamples? Even if it's clear that K-maps don't always give optimal results (whatever that means), finding precisely all the cases that it does and doesn't work may be much harder.

Dear /r/compsci, how do we keep this subreddit about computer science?

comment by ffreak3 in compsci

6 years, 2 months ago

Perfect. Creating /r/askcompsci is exactly what I was going to suggest.

Any and all questions of the repetitive boring sort can be removed, and the authors told to repost in askcompsci.

Dear /r/compsci, would you be interested in making an /r/askcompsci happen?

comment by stgm in compsci

6 years, 11 months ago

The latter is definitely what /r/AskCompSci is not about; it is not a how-to—for programming and basically anything else. You can ask how something works, but not how you can do something yourself.

Your latter case would be an off-topic question that would be moderated accordingly.

The reason I don’t flat-out ban programming discussion, is that it represents a layer in computer science that is perfectly fine to discuss on a more theoretical note, but the more specific aspects of programming can be discussed in a million billion places elsewhere online. Drawing the explicit line is going to be hard, but if it isn’t done, than /r/AskCompSci is going to become completely superfluous—and to mention inferior to services like Stack Overflow.

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