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Let's talk content. AMA.

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3 years, 2 months ago

Yeah, I know that is what happened to XavierMendel, ex-mod of many major subs, like games and subredditoftheday. I was more saying "maybe it is legitimate, but it sure as fuck doesn't look that way".

What are the most heavily moderated subreddits?

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Would you like to know more?

Now I know how that moose guy feels.

January 23rd, 2015 - /r/PCMasterRace. May our framerates be high and our temperatures low.

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Submitted by XavierMendel


308,244 subscribers for 3 years!

Notice: This feature contains embarrassing praise, secret ducks, personal history, and horrible(ly good) jokes. If you prefer a feature that's satirical and crazy, check the comments. Yes, this may be SROTD's first ever alternate ending. Also: This is probably the longest feature in SROTD history. Make of that what you will. Now, onto the program.

PC truly is the master race. I sit here on my PC, made up of an i5 3470 and 7850 2GB, with my two monitors filled with content, music playing on my surround sound setup and the faint ping of TeamSpeak notifications in my peripheral view. Right now I could take a break from writing and do anything I want to. I could play any of the thousands of PC exclusive games, or the tens of thousands of emulated games in my library, or maybe watch something from my massive collection of movies and TV shows, or maybe listen to something from my equally massive music collection, or perhaps just read something from one of my tens of thousands of ebooks, comic books, graphic novels, and manga. I think I'll just lay back on the couch and route Skyrim to my TV and play there. I did just install that new 4K texture pack.

But first I have a feature to write. So, what is the PC Master Race? Simply, it's what you call people who recognize that PC is the superior gaming platform. You don't need to own a PC to be in the PC Master Race. You don't even need to be a gamer. You just have to acknowledge that PC is the best choice for gaming. You have to accept facts. Those in the PC Master Race, the ascended, refer to each other, with respect, as brother and sister. We're all gamers, and that means we're all part of a family. Some people have done great things for the platform and have earned honors above others in some way. They may be referred to as princes, or angels, or something of that description. I prefer elder sibling, personally. Examples include Linus Sebastian and John Bain. Beyond that, there is the father, referred to often as the God of the PC Master Race, Gabe Newell. GabeN is a founder and director of Valve, creators of the Half-Life series (among many others). They also made Steam, a platform that puts console game marketplaces to shame.

So let's talk a small bit about /r/PCMasterRace. Forgot about it, didn't you? Yes, in cases like these I make the mistake of talking far more on the subject rather than the community. Sorry. /r/PCMasterRace is the subreddit for the PCMR, frequented by everyone from Jesus Christ to Nukeclears. (I swear it's true, Nukeclears visits! I was too shy to ask for an autograph.) It contains, among other things, the greatest wiki on reddit. Also, some of the greatest mods on reddit as well. They keep the peace and do what needs doing. Done. Did. Dong. The rest of the community is pretty friendly, although some of them are rich as heck and have sick rigs that make me jealous deep in my bones. Anyway, they're a nice bunch of folk that are knowledgeable and helpful, friendly as can be, and with excellent taste in games. Some can be a bit overzealous, but deep down they're all good people. Deep down we're all good people.

So let's move onto gaming, and why PC gaming means a lot to me. I could fill a thousand volumes on what it means to be a gamer, but instead I'll say this: I'm thirty years old and have been gaming since I was very young. Some of my first games were on the PC. Nethack consumed my time like /r/trees consumes snacks. There was always a great sense of community there; a collection of people that were brought together by an undying love of video games. The gaming community. We were connected through PC like no console could ever do, talking late into the night on IRC rooms and on BBS forums. In all these years, these decades, I've met incredible people, seen incredible things, and have forged friendships that have stretched across continents. Gaming has been the chief thing that I can owe myself to. I like to think I'm a good person, or at least I try my best to be, and I have all these years of gaming to thank for that. The gamers, the community, and of course the games. That's what the PC Master Race is, and that's what gaming is all about. It's about a love of games, and the friendships between the people that play them.

Enough about me, it's time to hear from the moderators. Here we have the /r/PCMasterRace moderators, and their responses to some questions I asked them. Also, they proceeded to edit their answers and re-answer over and over again, which resulted in the single longest post editing session in SROTD history. As of this time I've spent about ~~5~~ ~~15~~ ~~30~~ 45 minutes putting their answers in and setting up our formatting. They'd better give me some special flair or something to make up for this. I also accept golden statuettes in my likeness.

>#1. First off, tell me a bit about yourselves.

>>/u/Pedro19 I'm Pedro. I'm the founder of /r/PcMasterRace. I try to keep this community thriving with the invaluable help of the other moderators.

>>/u/TheAppleFreak I'm TheAppleFreak; I'm one of the senior mods on the sub, and the guy who fixes our various configs and CSS. By day I work as a front-line computer technician at drug/alcohol outpatient facility, and by night I try to learn how not to suck at web/game/user interface design. I'm a fan of energetic music, and I sometimes complain or gush to people about my tastes.

>>/u/Tizaki I am one of many mods. I specialize in the subreddit wiki (/r/pcmasterrace/wiki/guide), some CSS styling, servers, and lots of other cool/fun stuff that helps separate /r/PCMasterRace from all the other subreddits.

>>/u/Guck_Mal I'm the grand old man of the PCMR staff at 33, I've been a gamer all my life (boardgames, pen & paper, arcade games and home electronics), I played my first PC game at 6 and have been building my own PC's since '95.

>>/u/Alien_From_Europa To conclude, additional information about our moderation team can be found here: /r/pcmasterrace/wiki/moderators

>>/u/notwitty_username Hi, my name is Izzy and I help mod the sub /r/pcmasterrace! I'm also a huge flight simulator fan, my favorite sim right now is IL2: Battle of Stalingrad.

>>/u/Hauberk I'm 23 moderator of the /r/pcmasterrace sub and leader of a gaming community called Hostile Paradigm. As well as a PC gamer I'm also a big fan of comics (Judge Dredd, Red Hood, All-Star western etc.) and pen and paper games (Pathfinder, shadowrun, call of cthulhu).

>>/u/Bosses_Boss I am the resident Canadian on the PCMR Mod Team. I've been an avid PC Gamer for two years now after not being happy with the performance and quality of gaming on a PS3 so instead of getting a PS4 I built myself a $800 budget PC and the love of PC gaming grew from there.

>>/u/Melvar_10 Your average college student going through the motions to major in accounting and IT.

>>/u/zang227 I'm zang, I like reddit, The Yogscast and Achievement Hunter

>#2. What's inside your PC, and what are you currently playing on it?

>>/u/Pedro19 My lifestyle (work, space and constant moving around) doesn't allow me to go for a desktop as my main machine right now. Currently I'm using an i5 4210u, Radeon R7 M260 with 2GB and 8 GB of DDR3@ 1600Mhz laptop as my main machine.

>>I'm lucky when I have a couple hours a day for gaming (very lucky, indeed. It does not happen often), when I last did (last christmas) you could find me running away from cazadores on Fallout New Vegas, finishing the season 2 of the Walking Dead game, starting The Wolf Among us and trying to land with extreme crosswinds on Kai Tak in FSX with a Concorde or a 747.

>>/u/TheAppleFreak I'm currently rocking three gaming-capable PCs that I've acquired over the course of four years, each for different purchases. The first one is Kratos, originally built late 2010 with a number of common noob mistakes that have worked surprisingly well in my favor (the 950 is still a great CPU). Second was my gaming laptop for college, a Sager NP9150 with an i7 3610QM, an AMD Radeon 7970M, and a Crucial M4 128GB SSD. Nowadays, it sees a lot of use as a virtualization and development machine. The third is Endymion, originally a Xbox 360 HTPC, which now serves duty as my gaming HTPC.

>>In terms of what I play, the game I've put most of my time into nowadays is Planetside 2, though I have also put some time into becoming not terrible at Super Smash Brothers.

>>/u/Tizaki I currently run a graphically weak A10. It's behind a PS4 and XBox One, but I don't really need it to be fast because I only play a few demanding games right now and they all still hit 60FPS if I lower the settings enough (something consoles don't give you the freedom to do, PC MASTER RACE). Soon I'll either add a new card (~$200) from the GF900 or R9 300 series that will be even faster than the NEXT nextgen consoles (PC MASTER RACE AGAIN, BOOM).

>>/u/Guck_Mal My current PC is a build that started in 2011: i5-2500k, 8GB RAM, 2x 250GB SSD's, 1x 2TB HDD and a GTX 970. It is due for a CPU & motherboard update.

>>I split my gaming time between FPS, RPG's and Grand Strategy games as my mood changes. Currently that means CS:GO and Europa Universalis IV.

>>/u/Alien_From_Europa I have a Lappy 486, a Lenovo Toaster that I turned into a HTPC, a Lenovo Y510p that I have visitation rights with twice a year, and my pride & joy, an IBM Thinkpad R50e 1842-PPU. I have 575 games in my library. All paid for 50-90% off retail.

>>/u/notwitty_username In my PC right now is an i5 2500k, MSI 4G GTX970, and a 840 Pro 512 to name the important stuff :P I'm currently playing someone else's Borderlands The Pre-Sequel save game, because I'm too lazy to grind! :)

>>/u/Hauberk i5 3570K MSI 770 gaming, Lots of ARMA III

>>/u/Bosses_Boss Now I have a pretty high end PC.

>>Quick notes on specs, more detailed in imgur album above

>>i7/MSI Z97 Gaming 7/780 Ti Classy/Triple VG248QEs/16GB RAM/2x500GB SSD/2TB HDD/RM750 PSU/All in a Corsair Air 540

>>I game on three VG248QE monitors for that 3D Surround experience or 144Hz Surround. I also have a fourth monitor for monitoring temps, chat, in game web browsing. I use a Thrustmaster T500RS with a 8 speed shifter for my sim racing that I mostly play. I play a lot of FPS and arcade racing games as well.


>>/u/zang227 Oh heres where i get to show off: PCPartPicker part list

>> What am I playing on it? Reddit, Youtube, Gmod. Oh and the 64GB of ram is for aesthetics, it looks better when all the slots are occupied.

>#3. What's it like moderating r/PCMasterRace?

>>/u/Pedro19 It's a glorious experience. Being a part of this community while having witnessed its growth from day 1 is nothing short of amazing. I have exchanged experiences with some of the most interesting people I've ever me and I'm extremely lucky for it. Making sure the community lives up to the expectations of its users is very demanding, but we all work hard for it.

>>/u/TheAppleFreak It's been one hell of a ride so far. Sure, there's been a lot of stuff that none of us would like to deal with; Reddit at times can be very trying when it comes to your time and energy, and not all of us have all the time in the world to give to it (I certainly haven't in the past few weeks). That being said, I'm honored to be a part of this team; everyone here are really hard working people (and bots) that want the best for our community. I'm very glad to be a part of this entire operation.

>>As an aside, please read the rules and report posts that break them. This makes it so much easier for all of us.

>>/u/Tizaki In one word: fun. There's always the plain old moderation stuff (remove this, flair that, review the reports of something else), but a TON of it is the super fun community stuff. There's a lot of freedom in the "R&D lab" to research cool/fun things that the community would enjoy, and a lot of those things are able to see the light of day (and be enjoyed by the users) pretty quickly. Every team member has several specialties that, when added together, create the best mod team on reddit. Many other mod teams make the mistake of being almost "corporatized" and take things waaay too seriously. Almost as if they're afraid of being fired at the drop of a hat for being too fun. Being a PCMR mod is like what working at Apple was like in the 1970's and early 80's. In a way, we're actually building computers too(/r/pcmasterrace/wiki/builds), so that comparison makes even more sense.

>>/u/Guck_Mal The day to day "work" of playing modqueue wack-a-mole can be tedious, but well worth it for being part of the great things that we do as a community and the events the mod team sets up.

>>/u/Alien_From_Europa It's horrible! /u/Pedro19 is a slave driver. He has us ban hammering in the hot sun and removing poor submissions until our hands bleed. Somebody, please, please help us!

>>/u/notwitty_username Moderating the sub is a really awesome experience, it's really incredible to see a good idea implemented and the users reaction and feedback to it.

>>/u/Hauberk It’s a lot of fun. Working with this team has been a great experience and having to opportunity to work on outside projects such as redditmade, steam curation etc is something that not a lot of other subreddit get the chance to do and I enjoying helping the PCMR community.

>>/u/Bosses_Boss It's been fun for the ~6 months I've been a moderator of PCMR.

>>/u/Melvar_10 It's been wild. Everyday it seems to just get crazier and crazier.

>>/u/zang227 Well it's actually not that bad. The biggest downside is everytime someone makes an idea sub like pcmasteracevideos or something you get added as a mod there. I am a mod on like 15 PCMR related subs. The biggest upside is being able to do something about the garbage that pops up. We are all pretty autonomous when it comes to modding so we are able to manage our own little pet projects, like /u/hauberk who lead the Twitch

November 29th, 2014 - /r/OneTruthPrevails. With a keen eye for details, only one truth prevails.

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Submitted by XavierMendel


475 readers for 6 months!

Small subreddit today. Trust me, it's worth your time. /r/OneTruthPrevails is a subreddit for Detective Conan a long running manga/anime series by Gosho Aoyama. The premise is as follows: a famous high school detective is investigating a crime when he is shrunken by a mysterious drug and becomes a kid again. He has to continue to investigate crimes to try and get his body back, all the while hiding his true identity from those around him. Oh, and when I say long running, what do I mean? If you started watching the episodes and movies right now (not including OVAs, magic files, etc), it'd take you over 15 days to finish it all. 363 hours, 23 minutes, 27 seconds. That's 763 episodes, 18 movies, and the two Lupin III VS movies. (Lupin III is another great series, by the way.)

And I love all of it. Seriously, I love Detective Conan. It's one of my favorite animes of all time. Right up there with Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, and the rest of the greats. I'm currently at episode 712 (quite a bit behind), and have seen all the movies (20 of them, I think). I'm nowhere near tired of it. The mysteries are great, the crimes are clever, the characters are interesting, the plot is captivating, the music is awesome (I have the soundtracks currently playing), and above all else, Conan is a fookin' legend.

Who doesn't get hyped when Akai Shuichi shows up and makes some people wish they'd never been born? Who doesn't laugh at Professor Agasa's bad puns? You have never not cracked a smile at Mouri Kogoro's hilariously bad deductions. When Ran is close to figuring everything out, you all sat on the edge of your seat. The show (and manga) is packed to the brim with all this kind of awesome. Every episode (okay, maybe not some of the filler) is teeming with greatness. Remember that episode where Gin and Co. set up across from the agency with the intent to kill Kogoro? Oh, or remember the time Conan got drunk and ~~went super saiyan~~ transformed back for a while to put Heiji in his place? Oh man.

/r/OneTruthPrevails is the reddit portal to all of this and more. It's the discussion hub for Detective Conan on reddit, and a great place to ask questions. Are you picking the show back up and want to know what episode you were on, but only remember that the episode involved the culprit putting loose tape along the inside of the door to create a locked room mystery, unlocking the door as they broke it down to make it look like a suicide? They can find that episode (I can't, I looked, but I know it's a real episode.) Do you want to know where to buy lifesize replicas of Detective Takagi for your unspecified "special collection"? I'm sure they could help with that. How about if you're trying to compile a list of every episode in which someone said the word "dinosaur"? They can give you a hand there too.

Let's hear from the head mod of /r/OneTruthPrevails, who is so awesome and has the strength of a million men.

>#1. First off, tell me a bit about yourself.

>>/u/ReasonShallPrevail Well, /r/OneTruthPrevails is one of the three biggest Conan fan communities online. We've organized several contests, two YouTube channels, and an AMA with the series creator, Gosho Aoyama!

>>As moderators, we tend to take a laissez-faire approach, allowing any content that is not explicitly spam. Since the DC fan community is very friendly, this policy generally works.

>>As a subreddit, we provide users with a place to discuss Detective Conan news, theories, and fan works. Fans of Aoyama's other works, such as Magic Kaito and Yaiba, are welcome as well.

>#2. What would you say to someone to convince them to watch Detective Conan?

>>/u/ReasonShallPrevail It is one of the biggest anime/manga franchises in the history of the industry, and with good reason. Detective Conan is a holmesian who-dunnit with a twist. Though the plot advances slowly, the cases in-between major events are the heart and soul of Detective Conan - clever, fair-play crime mysteries that call for creative thinking and an open mind, engineered to teach fans about various obscure historical facts, niche field expertise, and philosophical dilemmas.

>>Given the series' 20 year history, there's an absurd amount of content just waiting to be devoured - between 18 movies, 18 games, 12 OVAs, 6 Magic Files, 14 Specials, 4 live action specials, 2 TV shows, 750 anime episodes, and nearly 1000 manga chapters, any fan of this series is bound to remain entertained for years to come.

>#3. What's been your favorite post in r/OneTruthPrevails?

>>/u/ReasonShallPrevail Easily the Gosho Aoyama AMA, as it not only showcases the diversity of the community, but also serves as a testament the extreme level of depth and care that is put into the series.

>#4. What's your favorite episode or chapter, and why?

>>/u/ReasonShallPrevail It's a bit early in the series, but I've always been a fan of the Moonlight Sonata Murder Case (Spoilers!), because it was one of the first times Conan let a case get to him.

>> Kogoro's Class Reunion (Spoilers!) gets an honorable mention, as it gave us a rare glimpse at Kogoro's true nature.

>#5. Thanks a bunch. Is there anything else you'd like to say?

>>/u/ReasonShallPrevail I'm glad Detective Conan is finally getting some exposure! Many thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our passion for the series with you! Also, take a look at /r/DetectiveConanShow and /r/DetectiveConanScans for an archive of all the episodes/chapters!

Thank you to /u/ReasonShallPrevail for answering my questions. I want to note, that you're all welcome to answer these questions as well, encouraged even, in the comments. I'd love to hear what you have to say. Before I make this post too long answering them for myself, I'd better wrap this up. I encourage all of you to go to /r/OneTruthPrevails and subscribe immediately. It's an awesome community full of awesome people, and I love it to death. It would make my year if it became much more active. Do it for me. Do it for her. I mean Jodie, the best character ever. (FACT)

This has been Holmes' Apprentice, Xavier Mendel, signing off.

November 1st, 2014 - /r/PrisonArchitect. If you had not committed great sins, the CEO would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.

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Submitted by XavierMendel


12,357 readers for 2 years!

Let me preface this by saying that I love Prison Architect. I love the way prisoners are assholes stuck in a revolving loop of drug overdoses, riots, and escape attempts. I love the way I can solve food shortages by filling a room to the brim with ovens and ignoring the fire inspectors. I love the way I can staff only armed guards and never let my prisoners out of their cells, then laugh at ADX Florence for being a so low security. I love having an idyllic haven for prisoners, where everything is jolly, only to get a legendary prisoner who fucks things up Minute One and forces me to call the riot police. I love making a prison in the shape of a man's most special possession.

There are others like me. Over 250,000 people, I think. On reddit though it's about 12,000. These are the people in /r/PrisonArchitect. It's a subreddit to discuss Introversion Software's early access game Prison Architect, which is available on Steam for $30. Prison Architect is what some might call a base-building game, or perhaps a building simulator, or perhaps "SimCity: Oz Edition". It is like Oz, but with significantly less shower shenanigans. I'm off topic.

/r/PrisonArchitect is one of the main discussion hubs for the game, the second being the official forum. In it you can find strategies for better architectin', discussion of mods and other workshop content, and as of this writing, pictures of naked men in sinks yelling about drugs. You also get the regular threads all game subreddits have: bug reports/discussion, feature wishlists, changelogs, giveaways, questions, and bad pathing. This subreddit also has a very nice community full of friendly people who are willing and eager to help newcomers. I don't give out that compliment often, not even here at SROTD, unless it happens to be true. My urge to make a reference to The Wire is astounding, but I'll resist.

I've been meaning to feature /r/PrisonArchitect for a long while now but other things have kept getting in the way. I was reminded about the subreddit when it was brought up during a let's play series on the game by a bald guy named Northernlion that I watch rather frequently. Since I might as well, here's a link to the first episode of his series, and here's a link to his most recent. The low level of skill displayed in this series is good for teaching new players, as the person playing has roughly the abilities of a french fry. Or, as it's called in Canada, a Tim Horton Long Potato on the Small.

Enough about me, tell me about yourself. The mods, I mean. Tell me about the mods of /r/PrisonArchitect.

>#1. First off, tell me a bit about yourselves.

>>Chadsten I'm an almost 30 web developer living in Texas. I've been a PC gamer since the Tandy days (Hangman!), and I am very happy to have seen gaming grow so much. I'm the newest mod, and was originally brought on for theme work. I'm slacking there, but I'm trying to take a more active role in the sub to keep things alive. It's tough to keep folks engaged, but we're working on it.

>#2. When did you start playing Prison Architect, and how has it changed since then?

>>Chadsten Gosh, I'm not even sure. I've been playing for about a year now I guess. Since the game is in alpha, it's changed a LOT. We've seen the team grow (Johnny "Programmer") and the modding scene has really opened up the future of the game a lot.

>#3. What's been your favorite post in the subreddit so far?

>>Chadsten My contests of course! No, I really don't have a favorite. I love seeing what the other players come up with in terms of layout and regimes. I also love seeing folks asking questions - it's a huge goal of our sub to welcome new players.

>#4. If you were to convince someone to buy Prison Architect, what might you say?

>>Chadsten This game is sneakily addictive. It's such a fun challenge to build a massive prison, and it's done by a great company. Early access or not, it's already worth the 30 bucks. I've got 500+ hours on the game already, and I actually have other hobbies.

>#5. Thanks a bunch. Is there anything else you'd like to say?

>>Chadsten Our sub is growing, and I'm experimenting with build contests (WITH PRIZES!) and such. We'd love to have new users, the game is more than worth picking up. Come tunnel with us!

Thank you to the mods of /r/PrisonArchitect for making the subreddit cool, as well as for answering my questions (though only one got their answers in). If you've got your own questions for them, make a comment here or in SROTD thread on /r/PrisonArchitect and I'm sure they'll get to it. Once again the link to the Steam page for Prison Architect is here. Again, it is Early Access so be prepared for tomfoolery.

This has been your cardinal to the holy order of GabeN, Xavier Mendel, signing off.

Edit: Apparently Prison Architect is $9.89 USD until November 3rd as part of Steam's Halloween sale. The Name in the Game version is only $16.49 down from its usual $50. If you're interested in Prison Architect, get it while the getting's good.

GamerGate Part 1: The Path We've Taken [InternetAristocrat]

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3 years, 11 months ago

Feel free to send him my way to @XavierMendel. I doubt he's got a reddit profile.

What is the deal with /u/XavierMendel (I think), the mod kicked out of /r/games publicly?

submission by vbevan in OutOfTheMetaLoop

4 years ago

I saw a audio file covering some sort of corruption with the admin mods and admins. It was quickly deleted, which seems an embodiment of stupidly and the Streisand effect. Have they responded officially about that situation?

Knowledge of Reddit's crazy BS is being picked up on by watchdog websites

submission by Heywood12 in NolibsWatch

4 years ago

As you may know, on September 7th, 2014 an interview between a /r/games moderator (/u/XavierMendel has acknowledged responsibility) and a un-named journalist was released onto Youtube and it spawned a giant cross-subreddit shitstorm. The unknown thing is that the news has spread beyond Reddit and YouTube; the mainly Wikipedia-criticism website/messageboard Wikipediocracy mentioned it here.

The MB post in question in its entirety:

EricBarbour Global Moderator

Today, an interview with a Reddit moderator from r/games (one of the "most critical" areas) was posted on YouTube. He made some interesting revelations.

It was posted on Reddit with the title Evidence of corruption in the Reddit Admin staff. It made the front page, and hell broke loose. Someone [actually it was /u/MatthewBetts] posted a summary on the thread:

>0:53 - "There are no 'levels of moderators,' not officially anyway." Kinda confusing...the whole mod structure is based on a hierarchy.

>1:15 - Talks about getting into Skype convos with the admins. They've offered this to us in /r/books in the past. To my knowledge, it is only offered to large subreddit mod teams.

>2:30 - Talks about a mod "so hated by the admins that they will not talk to him without a lawyer present. He's had his life threatened hundreds of times." I'm thinking this is BP0?

>3:15 - Brings up a good point about the limited power of mods - "we can only hide things"

>3:30 - "This line of communication barely exists" (talking about admins and mods) This is pretty much true. I've had plenty of messages to the admins go ignored, probably most of them.

>5:45 - "I guarantee there's a Skype room for this fiasco right now" Meh, it's probably on IRC. But as far as I know the admins cut off communication with mods during blowups like this. He specifically says that the admins only ever have one in a room at a time, which I have experienced to be true.

>6:15 - "Talks about lower mods having to be cautious" In subs like /r/pics, where there's a lazy top mod with an ego, the lower mods definitely have to walk on eggshells. I know multiple people from that subreddit specifically who quit because of the horrible conditions.

>7:30 - "/r/games is meant to be the best subreddit on reddit" big goal...kinda leads to a mod team with a superiority complex. imo.

>9:10 - Talks about leaked mod logs and how admins can read everything put on reddit (including pms). Goes on to talk about some encrypted reddit pm thing he made that he never used. "If I were to release this, I would be marked as someone who was helping out child pornography."

>12:20 - "(the admins) always avoid answering anything outright" completely true.

>13:00 - Talks about modlog's tracking of admin actions, and how he thinks some stuff is hidden.

>14:45 - Talks about mod celebrities and how being known in the metasphere gives you more power, and the admins communicate with you more. I can kinda talk to that. I do get invited to mod random subreddits by cliquey mods, and I know that my username is recognizable. There are definitely celebrity mods that use their recognizable username to get more mod positions and other accolades.

>17:30 - He alludes to information he has on other mods. He seems to be keeping track of everything - IRC, modmail, pms, private subreddits. I know that there is a lot of private rooms to keep track of. He starts talking about higher private tiers in subreddits and IRC.

>19:00 - Mentions brigading and vote cheating

>19:30 - Question: "Is being a successful moderator a matter of making it from one room to the next?" His answer - "It's all about convincing people you're better than everyone else and can be trusted" My answer - what in the hell is a successful moderator, it's a volunteer position

>20:30 - Talks about trading favors among mods. I've seen it done, where one mod gives another mod access to some private IRC so that other mod adds him as a mod to some other's all really dumb.

>24:45 - "Admins as a group don't get anything done, really" talks about how mismatched the admins are, how the programmers are always doing community management work and the top admins never respond

>26:30 - Here's where he starts spewing utter bullshit. He says that the admins will ban mods for not complying with their wishes, and they'll make up a reason. He says specifically "they'll never say what evidence they have." Here is one example of the admins calling out /r/AssuredlyAThrowaway for vote cheating, giving the rundown of their evidence. I do not believe that the admins would make shit up, that's far too much action for them to take...I think I can speak about this more than most people, since I have pissed off the admins before.

>28:30 - Makes a good point about the admins' priorities. They really haven't been helping mods out too much with new features.

>30:00 - "The admins have one goal only - to make as much profit as possible." In a sense that is true, but that is a pretty dumb way of looking at it. Keeping the site going, handling press, and overlooking the defaults all fall under "making money."

>31:00 - Starts talking about the Zoe Quinn scandal

>31:00 - 36:00 - the interviewer asks a whole bunch of leading questions about gaming journalism and private mod channels, but nothing of interest is said.

>37:00 - talks about reddit being opensource, but reddit has closed off parts with their spam filter. He talks about the admins not giving him that code, and he thinks that they're hiding some automatic shadowban filters.

>40:00 - starts leaking info about /r/games' AutoMod filters

>44:00 - talks about different moderator responsibilities.

>45:00 - starts talking about censoring reddit. "You give people one place to talk about something and remove it everywhere else, and then it is very easy to censor."

He was attacked/defended right and left for this: ... on_of_igf/ ... orruption/ ... s_this_is/ ... t_how_the/

Plus threads that were heavily censored. ... s_corrupt/

Just like a WP IRC channel. There are hierarchies, there are secrets, there is corruption and stupidity and incompetence and abuse of power. The admins have only one goal, to maximize Reddit's monetary profits. And it's all petty and stupid.

(He also lists some of the automatically removed words and terms at 40:00, and sure enough, the word "Sarkeesian" is "banned".)

Why mention this here? Because if all this other stuff is leaking out, then Nolibs and the Crew will leak out as well.

Evidence of corruption in the Reddit Admin staff

comment by merrickx in videos

4 years ago

It's /u/XavierMendel. Can look through his history over the past 3 weeks or so.

Every Man Is Responsible For His Own Soul

comment by Troggie42 in blog

4 years ago

So what happened to /u/XavierMendel then?

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