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Check out the Samsung’s new next-gen SmartThings home hub

comment by crazytr in gadgets

1 year, 11 months ago

I know on insteon I can have it turn off and on scenes that can do that. Insteon joined the alljoyn alliance and has a developer alljoyn hub right now. So somebody could program an app to do that .

I think I have a bad insteon PLM.

submission by supriseimdrunk in homeautomation

1 year, 11 months ago

Is there a way to control my fanlinc's, dimmer switches, and keypad's without it?

What to do with an old ADT home security system?

submission by JonathanGraft in homeautomation

1 year, 11 months ago

Fingers crossed, it looks like my fiancée and I may be getting our first home together. The house has 2 ADT Home Security panels on the walls: one near the front door and one in the bedroom. I don't plan on ever using ADT as I'd prefer to setup my own system (still debating with which platform to use...SmartThings or Insteon or who knows) but I'm wondering what do I do with the leftover equipment? Does ADT take it back if we don't continue the subscription? Could I use the window sensors in my system or are they proprietary?

Raspberry Pi for the Garage Door

submission by theJooj in homeautomation

1 year, 12 months ago

Over the weekend I did my first project using the GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi. I hooked up a two-channel relay to my garage door opener and now I can open the garage using my phone or my Moto 360. I have an Insteon hub and I know they offer a kit to do this, but it was fun getting to build something myself and actually get it to work. Now I need to work on a sensor for open/close status.

Samsung's new SmartThings home automation Hub ships next month

comment by madmacaw in gadgets

2 years ago

but does insteon work with 3rd party zigbee and z-wave modules? or IFTTT? And do all insteon products work world wide? I'm trying to figure out the best way to go with this..

Samsung's new SmartThings home automation Hub ships next month

comment by piaband in gadgets

2 years ago

Insteon is modular. It's the exact same thing except is has way more modules.

Samsung's new SmartThings home automation Hub ships next month

comment by piaband in gadgets

2 years ago

These things have been around a long time. I have most of them from insteon (aka io-linc).

Not sure I see where Samsung is doing anything better.

My home security / automation / entertainment PC restarts and causes trouble, how to stop?

submission by vangogh11 in Windows10

2 years ago

I have a PC that runs several applications 24/7 for my Insteon home automation, my home-brewed home security system, and also serves media through my home network. Now I find out that my security system has not been running for who knows how long, because Windows 10 restarted to update. How can I stop this from happening? This system has been stable for a year now, I have never really had to maintain it. But now, since Windows 10, I need to constantly check to see if it is still logged in?

If I take out the password, is there a way to make it automatically log back in? Not that it would fix it completely, because I have an older application that needs manual intervention every time it starts up.

Also, I don't have the update partition any more on that PC, do you know if it's possible to downgrade back down to Windows 8.1 if there is no way to stop the forced updates?

Z-Wave Fan Canopy Module

submission by striker169 in homeautomation

2 years ago

I know that there isn't a manufacturer that offers a canopy module to control fan speed and the light, but I was wondering why? Is it that Insteon has a patent on that type of technology and is that why the FanLinc is the only option? Or is it really just that no one makes one?

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