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Controller with web interface?

submission by Apocrathia in homeautomation

4 years, 7 months ago

I'm a neophyte here, but I've been trying to do some research and figure out what hub to start building a system around. I want to be able to communicate with z-wave, zigbee, insteon, and wifi. A wired hub, but controllable and, more importantly, programmable from a web interface. Not just a smartphone app. I've been looking at the smartthings, vera, and revolv so far, but I'm still in need of suggestions. A couple of examples of things that I'd like to control would be lights, my nest thermostat (even if it's not immediately or pending their API release, and I have to write my own wrapper), garage doors, zwave lock, camera, maybe a sonos system, and most importantly, security sensors (open/shut, motion, etc).

What would you suggest?

Experience With INSTEON?

submission by skholm552 in Automate

4 years, 7 months ago

Has anyone had any experience with Insteon? How is the installation, setup, functionality, customer service?

We are building a new home and I am looking to add some home automation. If you have a better alternative I am also interested.

Here is there website if you are not sure what I'm referring too.

Insteon WiFi Security Camera Help

comment by Pandromeda in explainlikeimfive

4 years, 8 months ago

What did Insteon's technical support tell you when you asked them about the problem?

Insteon WiFi Security Camera Help

submission by Wildcat599 in explainlikeimfive

4 years, 8 months ago

For my dads office we got a Insteon WiFi Security Camera and it is working fine until I try and disconnect it from the router, so it can run on WiFi. Once it is disconnected from the router with the lan the Wifi won't pick it up. I don't understand why I have the security code correct and the correct router selected. If anyone knows the problem or the step that I seem to be missing please help thanks. Ps. Yes my spelling and grammar is bad I know.

X-10 Control using IR commands sent through a VeraLite - Without an Insteon!

submission by haworld in homeautomation

4 years, 8 months ago

I thought maybe some of you might find this little project I just completed yesterday, interesting. It came about as a result of doing some homework for a customer of mine relating to the use of IR through a Mi Casa Verde Veralite Z-Wave Controller/Gateway.

I was to be able to control my X-10 devices by transmitting X-10 signals through my USB-UIRT which was plugged into the Veralite, then through a 3rd party version of the old, discontinued IR-543 (it was made by One-For-All which made some pretty cool universal remotes a few years back) which I had kicking around for testing IR devices that we sell in one of our stores. Worked great!

Normally you would need an Insteon Modem 2413U that you plug into the VeraLite and then configure it to work as an Insteon controller and send Insteon commands. This also would allow you to control X-10 devices because Insteon is backwards compatible with X-10. These cost about $80 on Amazon or directly from Smarthome. What I did eliminated the need for the 2413U modem in my setup because I already use a number of IR-543′s with my universal remotes to control X-10 lights and appliances. When I started trying to get the IR working on Vera I noticed that there was an IR command set for X-10. I wondered if it might be similar to the IR codesets that universal remotes use within the auxiliary mode to send X-10 commands over IR. Low and behold, that is exactly what it seemed to do!

I used the built-in virtual remote keypad inside the Vera, dialed in my house code on the IR-543, punched in the unit code inside Vera and A-1 was up and running! A-2 was another keypunch away and that was all I needed to know. Now for some more testing to see what else I can do with it!

Oh, btw, It also allowed me to control X-10 from my Android smartphone using the Vera Mobile app I had already installed! Worked exactly the same as the Vera Internet GUI on my PC!

Very cool learning day! Can’t wait to experiment with scenes now using Z-Wave triggers and IR command events to control A/V devices. I have a tremendous amount of experience with IR and open source programs like EventGhost to do almost anything with a remote then integrating with X-10, Insteon and Z-wave (now with my Vera) using Homeseer and the like. I used to control my PC & Homeseer with Voice commands! At one point almost 15 years ago I could walk into my house and hit 1 button on an Insteon keypad (or via voice control, remember Microsoft Sam?) that would lower my skylight blinds and turn on my entire A/V cabinet, eject the DVD drawer ready for a DVD (all with IR) then lower the lights using x-10/Insteon combo. What memories lol.

These Smart Streetlights Only Get Bright When They're Needed

comment by DeFex in technology

4 years, 9 months ago

I have insteon ones for my stairs and kitchen counters, they have been flawless so far.

With Google buying Nest, should I just wait to automate?

submission by bwarman in homeautomation

4 years, 9 months ago

I have a small X-10 system with about 3 lamplincs, a few motion sensors, some switches and a Powerlinc, running from my Homeseer system. I just moved from my condo to a new house and was looking to step up to something like Insteon of ZWave. With Google buying Nest, what is is the /r/homeautomation consensus on whether to make an investment now, or wait and see what Google and Nest are going to do together?

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