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Last weekend I spent an hour with a N64DD. Never seen one before.

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How to attract redditors to a subreddit ?

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Hi there. I'm quite experienced in this "field" and have around 40,000 subscribers to verious subs I've created on my own. So here is what you do. It's very basic and simple but you have to have good timing so here is how it works. Take for example my newest subreddit /r/TheCatTrapIsWorking (cats in boxes). When I see a post in /r/aww of a cat in a box, I simply mention my subreddit in the comment section and it generates traffic. That's the easy part. Here is the hard part. Finding a post that is relevant to your subreddit and catching it early enough to be visible. Don't even bother mentioning your sub if the post has already front paged. The majority if folks would have already seen it and people don't come back to posts they have seen. So you need to spend time in the new posts and just pray that it front pages. It sucks, yes, but this is the price you pay to get your sub out there. Nobody is going to pimp your sub unless it's you up until about the 5k subscriber mark. For most subs I've done this takes about a year. So if you are not dedicated and serious about growing your sub, don't even bother. They don't grow on their own until they have a lot of subscribers. To give you an idea, you will get 200-300 subscribers per front page mention you get if your sub is relevant to a similar post in a default. So your sub needs to be something that front pages often. To put all this together, this is why my sub /r/StuffOnCats does pretty well. Things on cats show up often enough I mention it at least once a week. Is yours something you see on the front page of reddit at least once a week? If so then you've got something. If not, then the growth of your sub will be slow. Also, you need to fill your sub with at least 25 posts of similar stuff you want submitted to your sub. This will show people what kind of content you are expecting to see. If they come to your sub and it's blank, why would they subscribe? My next project is /r/purrball (fluffy cats). They are all over reddit but I need to mention it but FIRST I need to fill it with content so people get an idea of what it's about. I hope this helps. I've been doing subreddit growth for 3 years now and have learned all this by personal experience. Once you grow to at least 1000 subscribers then you can be listed in /r/subredditoftheday. Rule 1 is you have to be passionate about your sub and mention it every opportunity you get otherwise you will never get a subscriber.

What is a subreddit you would suggest?

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What is a good subreddit to binge read the All Time Top Posts of?

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/r/subredditoftheday is a good read and helps you find other great subreddits!

Content Policy Update

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There are a bunch of promotional subs and places like /r/subredditoftheday that aid in finding these places.

/R/fatlogic is subreddit of the day

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