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What happens when a joey needs a pouch but does not have a mother

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23 minutes ago

It's just like a boss fight in a video game. It does a crazy powerful move that would kill you but you just have to sidestep and push square.

How the hell do you wear this?

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1 hour, 47 minutes ago

Like a boss!

What's the most fucked up thing a guest did in your house?

comment by ConfusingUsername in AskReddit

4 hours, 31 minutes ago

I was having a party back when I lived in my hometown and one of my friends tentetively invited over a friend of theirs who proceeded to bring over a brick of coke. My parties were every weekend and all the time so there was always an officer that breaks up the party from time to time when it gets too big, sitting right down the street. Someone that knows I'm not cool with this tells him to gtfo, after he refused they got me and I told him to gtfo. He said his fuck you's and left. Little did I know that he went around back and kicked in my garage door and poored paint all over my couches, my bike, band equipment, everything he could. As he was leaving he must have realized that he forgot his camera in the house because he politely comes back for it. Knocks on the front door, we hand it too him, and he apologizes for being an asshole, then leaves. Upon leaving he walks by the cop car and tells them that we have a ton of coke in there, so here comes mr. Officer to bust up the party like a boss. Everyone scatters, and I have no clue why because there wasn't any underage people there. The police only do shit when things get over the top or something messed up happens. apparently everyone was already on to that guys plan because they I soon realized they were frantically looking for where he hid the coke. Nobody found it, but the officer still busted up our shit with a few of his friends. Turns out a couple of people did have some shit they got in trouble for. I ratted the shit out of this guy, as did everyone else that knew him. The officer had a hard time believing it was a malicious act sending him in to look for my supposed massive coke stash. until he got to the garage and came back inside and asked me and 3 other people to come with him, we all thought we were getting arrested for some reason and showed me my garage. I was mostly livid about my bike and my guitar because the bike was kicked over too and the paint wasn't water soluble. That prick moved to another city the next day sometime. And that's my story.

Tl;dr someone fucked my posessions in my garage up and sent the police raiding my house hoping to get as many people arrested as possible let for kicking him out because he had a massive amount of stolen coke on him.

Wedding photography Melbourne

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9 hours, 44 minutes ago

BOOM! We understand the judging criteria of competitions, we know posing like a boss, so, we know how to make you look good, and we are AMAZING when it comes to editing, and making any feathering POP.

Redditors! What would you want your obit to read?

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10 hours, 59 minutes ago

She came...she lived like a boss...she loved like a boss...she was owed by none...she owed the IRS...Winning!!! LIKE A BOSS!!!

What is something you did/do that you didn't realize was weird until someone pointed it out?

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11 hours, 48 minutes ago

I recently found a pocket knife I forgot I had. It sits on the desk. I never wear shoes or socks in the house, and when I cross my leg, there's my foot sitting there, and there's the knife, and next thing I know I'm doing dead skin surgery on my heel. I like to shave away the dead stuff, but you can't really do it evenly with a knife. So I wind up with a mangled heel for a while. Every once in a while I cut just a smidge too deep, which you'd think would make me stop, but nope. If I can get a big unbroken strip I feel like a boss.

The Master of Lies

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15 hours, 2 minutes ago


This guy burned and stomped on the Confederate flag today during a pro-flag rally at Stone Mountain, Georgia--the birthplace of the 2nd KKK.

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17 hours, 19 minutes ago

I think it's the best because it's the most well-organized, stand-alone, true-to-it's-genre sort of read. Most the series feels really scattered and random, but Wolves of Calla is an amazing western, with a rich unique culture, and just the right amount of fantasy elements to remain convincing. Plus there was something so badass about 14 year old roland cleaning up shop like a boss

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