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TIL: Men and women experience near equal levels of online harassment, women are more likely to be upset by it.

comment by delQuponT in todayilearned

1 year ago

I do visit mensrights sometimes although I don't usually comment. Most of the similar complaining I see there is, I think, more aimed at the double standard: That men are supposed to suck it up while women are allowed to complain about being called names.

Both genders need to suck it up.

Top female student takes on corruption in Egypt after scoring zero on exams

comment by CQReborn in worldnews

1 year ago

Asking whether someone being a woman in the Middle East is relevant is like asking if someone being black was relevant when talking about slavery in America. Posts on mensrights and askmen, no bones to pick here folks no siree.

[Serious] What opinion did you use to have but realize now that it was really stupid?

comment by onlinedime in AskReddit

1 year ago

Focuses aren't needed when talking about human rights. Here's a list of ways men are discriminated against:

Which 2 subreddits if switched, would cause the most chaos?

comment by FreakJoe in AskReddit

1 year ago

/r/MensRights and /r/ShitRedditSays

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