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So sexist

comment by gprime in pics

18 minutes ago

Modern feminism.

Basically, the "evolution" of feminism goes something like this:

First wave - primarily interested in extending the vote to women and in challenging facially discriminatory laws. Though often overlooked, it is worth noting that this same movement did have some of the oppressive impulses common to subsequent strains of feminism. See: Women's Christian Temperance Union.

Second Wave - 60s/70s feminism. This is where feminism absolutely jumps the shark, and you get "intellectuals" like Andrea Dworkin claiming all heterosexual sex is rape.

Third Wave - Modern feminism. Women have reclaimed their sexuality from the Second Wave political lesbianism crowd, but decided have decided that now 95% of heterosexual sex is rape instead of 100%. The focus is half on claiming that feminism is about letting women have the freedom of choice to do what they want, and half about bullying women who refuse to identify as feminists.

How men hold purses

comment by minjofu in funny

47 minutes ago

I'm not even going to play along. Feminism isn't isn't the problem. It's the degree to which it's used as a weapon to maintain preferential treatment. It happens all the time. We all deserve the same rights, yes. We also deserve the same obstacles, the same punishments and penalties for our crimes, and the same requirements when it comes to child support. Those are still areas that are VERY unequal, and this needs to be amended. On a side note, NO ONE should be raped. It happens to men too though, who are either made a joke of or ignored when they come forward. I made a point of including the information about my gender because I didn't want an imaginary man to be labeled a misogynist hence adding fuel to the man-hating fire.

How men hold purses

comment by minjofu in funny

1 hour, 5 minutes ago

I don't think so. I think it's back lash from the over reaches of new feminism. I think men are starting to feel like they need to put their foot down and start demanding the same respect they're being asked.. no.. FORCED to give women. I'm saying this as a woman myself. Guys have been taking a LOT of shit over the last couple years when it's not even necessary as modern men are a lot more equality minded than they've ever been in the history of human kind. They can go out into the yard, mow the lawn.. cut some firewood, build a shelf, and then run up to the grocery store and buy their wives/girlfrends some tampons without batting an eyelash.. Or they can take care of the babies while their wife works at Jiffy Lube.. There really isn't a lot of "guy stuff" or "girl stuff" anymore.. Men are fricken trying and I think they deserve the credit.

PsBattle: Felicia Day heading to the Hogwarts Express

comment by Conquil in photoshopbattles

1 hour, 12 minutes ago

You're right, irrelevant was probably the wrong word. There are rights violations across the board, what I meant was that as a whole woman's rights are more often stepped on. This tends to make men's rights activists come off as petty when they argue they are getting done over by feminism. Truth be told both sides have viable arguments, they're just drowned out by the nut job extremists who tend to dominate the spotlight.

What's one thing about reddit/redditors that ticks you off?

comment by lauchs in AskReddit

1 hour, 45 minutes ago

I put a huge part of this on SRS. Usually they are getting angry about something that's clearly a joke and everyone who sees that reaction walks away thinking that much less of feminism.

TIL eHarmony only matches women with men who are taller than them, because of complaints from women matched with short men

comment by chafedinksmut in todayilearned

2 hours, 20 minutes ago

"I don't date short guys, bald guys, or poor guys, and I'm NOT a shallow cunt. What?! You prefer "chesty" girls!? YOU FUCKING PIG! This ISN"T a double standard because feminism says so! Where have all the good men gone? BEWHEW!"

What do people take way too seriously?

comment by Snowfox2ne1 in AskReddit

2 hours, 55 minutes ago

Yes, I think it is. I personally think feminism is a cancer on society, but I live in one of the most liberal/feminist states, and that opinion is not popular in the slightest. People don't even ask why I hold that opinion, they just assume I am a bigot who is literally Hitler.

What's one thing about reddit/redditors that ticks you off?

comment by RambunctiousGay in AskReddit

3 hours, 25 minutes ago

The fact that reddit as a whole seems obsessed with militant feminism/atheism, when in reality neither really exists at all, least of all on the site itself. Yes, there are many examples, but nowhere near as many as reddit would have you believe.

Student vet with PTSD suspended, labeled '‘threat' to peers after requesting to meet with non-Muslim counselor

comment by nothinghere3 in news

3 hours, 44 minutes ago

>But the big problem there is money, not feminism. Crisis centers get a shoestring budget from the government to deal with specific women's issues. They can't re-appropriate that money to train their counselors in male issues when it was given to them to address female issues. They also operate on donations, which are, again, generally earmarked pretty specifically.

Again, we are talking about gender-neutral support groups. Again, no one is suggesting that groups built exclusively for women start letting men in or using the money given to them on male victims. Is there something about this that you are having difficulty understanding?

>So how is it the fault of feminism that the government isn't allocating more money for male issues? Wasn't the men's rights movement founded specifically to aid men? Why are they let off the hook, when feminism is blamed for not lobbying the government for more money for men's issues?

It is the fault of feminists in OP's specific case because it was feminists who treated him like crap and excluded him from a gender-neutral support group.

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