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What is the most fascist letter?

comment by Julihaan in Jokes

15 hours, 27 minutes ago

I did Nazi that coming.

What movie's ending was the most unexpected and caught you completely off guard?

comment by _mvp in AskReddit

1 day, 10 hours ago

Inglorious Bastards.. I did nazi that coming at the end.

TIFU by using fondue playfully

comment by Romo93 in tifu

1 day, 16 hours ago

I did nazi that coming.

I mean someone had to say it, I beat you all to it.

Which redditisms need to die?

comment by Fake_pokemon_card in AskReddit

2 days, 1 hour ago

I did nazi that coming, anne frankly it shocked me. Etc, etc,

Reddit is like a friend that you think is really funny at first until you realize that they just repeat the same jokes over and over again.

comment by ILikeYouABunch in Showerthoughts

2 days, 2 hours ago

Anne frankly, I did nazi that coming. I literally came here to say this but boy, that escalated quickly so to the top with you! Lost it at 'This is why we can't have nice things' and then my faith in humanity was restored, my mind blown, and manly tears were shed. Well said. As a 'murican, I can confirm this gem has just won the internet and is doing it right. Just sayin', I know that feel, bro, and while that was a risky click, this post was a 9/10, 11/10 with rice, would read again. I see what you did there and it feels good man. You're doing God's work, son. I laughed way harder than I should have at your list that seems legit and totally nailed it. You - I like you. You magnificent bastard; you, sir, are so brave, a gentleman and a scholar, and seeing how you are a redditor for 4 years, this checks out, so I'll allow it. I regret that I only have one upvote to give for this cool story, bro. CTRL+F "about tree fiddy" was not disappointed. Wait, why do I have you tagged as "NOPE NOPE NOPE"? Nice try, you monster. You are now banned from /r/pyongyang. What did I just read? Dafuq? I read that as "YOU HAD ONE JOB". I can't fap to this. No true scotsman could see that this relevant XKCD was bad, and you should feel bad. You must be new to reddit, so I'll see your cakeday and raise you a karma train. One does not simply rustle my jimmies, not even once. Jet fuel can't melt dank memes, that stahp gave me cancer for science, so that's enough internet for me today. OP is a fuzzy little man-peach, 2/10, would not bang. What is this I don't even know how is this wtf? Fuck Jenny. Circlejerk must be leaking. This will get buried but brace yourselves, some men want to watch the world burn right in the feels. When you see it, they'll KILL IT WITH FIRE! But this has nothing to do with atheism. Lawyer up, delete facebook, hit the gym, and SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, said no one ever, so you wouldn't download a strawman. /r/dadjokes. Damn onions, you scary like a BOSS. whoosh. Since rule #1 is 'be attractive', I'll just leave this here: This is my [f]irst post, be gentle. Edit: This blew up. RIP my inbox.

Boom! Right in the kisses!

This defaced coin I received in my change.

comment by wwoodrum in mildlyinteresting

2 days, 4 hours ago

I did nazi that coming.

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