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Tier List?

submission by EquilibriumNinja in MortalKombat

3 years, 3 months ago

Any good places to find a nice tier list that isnt GameHub or whatever its called.

Welcome to /r/GameHub! Here's what you ought to know.

submission by XavierMendel in gamehub

3 years, 7 months ago

First off, welcome. I'm glad you've given us a chance. Let this thread be an introduction into what this subreddit is, how it works, and what you can expect in the future.

First off, /r/GameHub is a gaming news and discussion subreddit meant to serve as an alternative to /r/Games. I won't go into detail here on why this is needed, but you can check for some more information on our wiki's FAQ page. There's a lot that differentiates the two subreddits, of course, which I'll go into in a moment. Before that, let me summarize GameHub by saying that it's a subreddit that is whatever its users need it to be. We will adapt to meet the situation, and will change depending on the feedback and suggestions of you all.

As for how that works: This subreddit's policies are largely decided by getting an understanding of what people need and then putting that into effect. To start, our rules are quite minimal. We have only three, which you can see on the sidebar. In a matter of time we'll post a feedback and improvement thread, which will be stickied, where every user of the subreddit will be able to voice their ideas and suggest changes to the subreddit. These will be taken into consideration, and changes will be applied based on that.

As for what you can expect from the future, here's a rough list of what I'm working on:

  • Automated posting of good content (The trick is identifying where only good content is posted, then setting that up.)

  • AMAs with people in the gaming industry

  • Giveaways

  • Game nights

In the meantime, we've got all the basics. I'll be spending the next few weeks posting as much gaming news, reviews, and stuff as I can. I encourage you to chip in as well. Everything helps.

Before you post, be sure to check out the rules, as well as our page on what makes a post high quality. And be sure to ask any questions you may have either here or through the modmail if you have any. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.

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