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A true friend of man.

comment by omahiigh in funny

9 minutes ago

I thought your post was funny. Unless you didn't at which point I'll show myself out.

Reddit, how many of you actually are the "Reddit stereotype" with your neckbeard and fedora?

comment by DetectiveBob in AskReddit

6 hours, 14 minutes ago

Beards, you might hate 'em at first, but they really do grow on you... I'll show myself out.

She is probably delivering a message

comment by weapawn in funny

9 hours, 6 minutes ago

Who wants to get hammered? Yeah, I'll show myself out.

She's only with me for my kitties

comment by Lapi0 in aww

15 hours, 32 minutes ago

She's with you for your kittens, you're with her for her pussy. I'll show myself out.

My fiancé doesn't think that this (botched) pancake looks like a fish.

comment by SuspiciousSeaTurtle in pics

16 hours, 17 minutes ago

I came here to say this. I'll show myself out

Sinkhole at Branson, MO golf course

comment by lo_and_be in pics

1 day, 2 hours ago

Well, that's a hole in....^(never mind...I'ma show myself out)

What are some life-tips for a soon to be 16 year old?

comment by DetectiveBob in AskReddit

1 day, 5 hours ago

That's quite the hot topic. I'll show myself out.

What is the most NSFW thing you have seen someone openly do in a public place(NSFW)?

comment by Dr0gar in AskReddit

1 day, 10 hours ago

obviously she was attending to his "special need". Ill show myself out.

You just won $100 million. What extravagant item would you put in your living room?

comment by chuckaway9 in AskReddit

1 day, 10 hours ago

So you don't wanna hear about the gold fish bowl that I had as well? Fine...I understand, I'll show myself out now.....

What are the best TV show that were only on the air for 3 seasons or less?

comment by Ramseshadri in AskReddit

1 day, 15 hours ago

Should it be three seasons or fewer?... I'll show myself out.

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