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Reddit. What did you learn today?

comment by Mr_McShifty in AskReddit

3 years ago

Larry is retiring in June.

[serious] With the anniversary of 9/11 tomorrow, where were you and what was your experience when you found out the Twin Towers were attacked?

comment by Ana_S_Gram in AskReddit

3 years ago

It could be June and I show my ID to a cashier. She'll inevitably say, "Oh, I'm so sorry" and hand the card back.

You know how when we were kids we used to say, "What are they going to do? Take away your birthday?" ... It sorta feels like that sometimes.

I am Ben Folds. I play piano. AMA!

comment by laughcamp in IAmA

3 years ago

Hey there Ben! I've had the pleasure of seeing you 7 times so far but the last one was maybe my favorite.. it was this past June in Houston and to my surprise it was a solo show.

I've always seen you preform with a band and once with the Houston Symphony- was there any reason you played that show by yourself? It was amazing!

Love you and what you do, thanks for everything <3

French court confirms Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning

comment by rosickness12 in news

3 years ago

>Monsanto reacted to the finding in June by demanding a retraction, labeling the findings by a team of international cancer scientists as "junk science."

Monsanto has a history of not liking scientists unless they are getting paid to do a study by Monsanto.

I am Mark Rippetoe, author of "Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training" and owner of the Wichita Falls Athletic Club. Ask Me Anything.

comment by colzgirl in Fitness

3 years ago

Hi Mr Ripptoe, i just recently started training for the Olympic weightlifting and i am short of proper coaching since i graduated from college in June. Do you think it's acceptable to self-learn these lifts, i.e snatch jerk etc..

Plus, do you think foam rolling brings any benefit to recovery post-workout?

What is the best way for woman to increase their upper body strength as i find it really hard to perform pull ups and other body weight exercise.

Thanks in advance!

How I got scammed out of $850

comment by GeeRN in personalfinance

3 years ago

I was in Bangkok in June 2015. I seriously felt unsafe there; luckily I left after 3 days and went to pattaya. Taxi and tuk tuk services are a scam. Our first day there, we got scammed $50 for a 5 minutes ride (they drove around the block like 10 times). Then this one taxi got us in his car and tried to negotiate the price and wanted us to stop by some Suit shop to buy suits. after 10 minutes of us saying "no, we dont want to buy any suits." he straight up told us to get gtfo his taxi and dropped us in the middle of nowhere. Then we tried to signal for taxis to pick us up and LITERALLY- NO TAXI STOPPED TO PICK US UP. We had to walk to the nearest subway and figure out how to get back to our hotel. Never again will I return to bangkok, its a messed up city filled with messed up people. And they got huge blow up pictures of Employees of the Month people from various fast food chains all over the city dressing up like they're royalty- i think that was my favorite part.

[serious] With the anniversary of 9/11 tomorrow, where were you and what was your experience when you found out the Twin Towers were attacked?

comment by RakielKanan in AskReddit

3 years ago

I was 18 years old, on a rifle range at Fort Leonard Wood, MO; I had joined the Army in June of 2001 and had been stuck in reception hell for over a month before finally being assigned to a basic training company in August. It was Week 5, and we were balls-deep in marksmanship training; the range that my company was on was one of our first with pop-up targets, as I recall.

I had fired on the first firing line that morning, and had shot well enough that I didn't have to shoot again. As such, I was sent down to the ammunition shed (a short walk from the actual firing line) to relieve one of the other trainees down there so that they could shoot. It was a bright, clear morning in Missouri, and I quite enjoyed the walk from the bleachers to the ammo shed; when trainees have rifles and ammunition, drill sergeants ease up a little bit, but being outside of both their line of sight and attention was still liberating. I was all grins when I arrived at the ammo shed, and said something typically adolescent:

"What's up, bitches! FIRST TIME GO, WHAT!"

And then noticed that one of them was crying.

The non-commissioned officer in charge of the ammo shed that day was a reservist from the state of New York, doing his two weeks of active duty training, and quite against regulations had a radio on. At the precise moment I noticed one of my fellow trainees crying, the radio news announced that the South tower had collapsed. Needless to say, I said "Oh, shit", apologized, was told to shut the fuck up, and listened in silence while I loaded M-16 magazines.

In the hours that followed, we were expressly forbidden by no less than three drill sergeants and the company first sergeant to repeat ANYTHING that we had heard on the radio to ANYBODY; anyone who has spent time in the military knows that lower enlisted (and trainees) will go completely pants-on-head-retarded when confronted with crazy shit, and this was as crazy as it could possibly come. A full training company of privates, all with M-16s and live ammo, was a powder keg; the company staff and drill sergeants decided to keep the training schedule intact until lunchtime, at which time all ammo is taken up anyway.

All ranges on Fort Leonard Wood were shut down for the rest of the day; we were ordered to call our parents, tell them that we were OK, tell them that we weren't being shipped off to the front (we had already heard through the grapevine that Afghanistan was involved somehow, but were encouraged to not spread it around), and then write letters to anyone that we couldn't get a hold of to tell them the same thing.

And that's when young, stupid me decided that getting Airborne School in my contract was the BEST. THING. EVER. because the 82nd Airborne Division was gonna go kick some camel-fucker's ass for this shit!

2 combat deployments and a helping of PTSD later, I can safely say: God, I was dumb.

Aloha motherfucker

comment by myerrrs in gifs

3 years ago

Haha REJOICE! I parked in front of my house and not on my stones for the first time since June last night.

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