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TIL: Between 1940 and 1970 Harvard and Yale took nude photos of incoming freshmen

comment by leafofpennyroyal in todayilearned

1 year ago

/r/fatpeoplehate is gone. move along. that is one of the least scientifically conducted and written pieces i've ever read.

[Serious] Three months ago /r/fatpeoplehate was banned. Was it good or bad idea?

comment by vagued in AskReddit

1 year ago

If by "groupthink" you mean being less hateful and cruel, that wouldn't bother me that much, but I don't necessarily think this is evidence of that kind of conditioning. It's not like the members of /r/fatpeoplehate got publicly flogged, their sub just got shut down.

Whats a word or phrase that pisses you off when people say it?

comment by ichbinladen in AskReddit

1 year ago

I miss /r/fatpeoplehate ;_;

^(but /r/fatlogic is pretty good too)

This is where we are heading

comment by ChatanoogaJim in funny

1 year ago

/r/fatlogic is still around. And in fairness, fatpeoplehate was the shittiest sub on the site. Worse than atheism when it was a default. Heaps of unrelated, incredibly low quality content with only the most passing, tangential relationship to the sub topic.

I hated almost every poster there.

This is where we are heading

comment by toxygen in funny

1 year ago

Haha you would love /r/fatpeoplehate


Damn it!

This is where we are heading

comment by Dreamtrain in funny

1 year ago

There's still /r/fatlogic though remnants from /r/fatpeoplehate brought the quality of the comments quite a bit.

You simply can't mention there ARE some folk (and a rather small minority, but still exist) out there who have pretty accelerared metabolisms cause you'll be downvoted to double digit negatives, no we are all machines that metabolize food exactly the same.

I also don't think we should use the metabolism of others, fast, normal or slow, as an excuse to one's weight, so it's not about that either.

This is where we are heading

comment by wwoodi in funny

1 year ago

Or maybe that subreddit went after reddits largest partner and harassed users. I don't care if you hate that people. But fatpeoplehate was one of the dumbest places ever. Yet people pretend they were so innocent.

The fact the mods and users setup some private shit where you had to post a picture of your stomach with your reddit user name to prove you were not fat really fucking says it all.

Has become a right wing version of Reddit?

comment by AbbyTheWondercunt in AskReddit

1 year ago

I think the most extreme free speachers certainly went there. I think some of the anti-SJWs went there. I think some fitness-obsessed people and fatpeoplehate subscribers went there. I don't think that makes them right-wing.

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