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When did you try alcohol for your first time?

comment by thedaemonthor in AskReddit

3 hours, 46 minutes ago

A few months after I reached majority, I was invited to a NYE party. I was trying to reinvent myself (from a loser) at the time, had a bit of money, and knew from TV that people liked people who brought booze. So I brought along 12 beers and a bottle of absinthe.

Yummy yummy absinthe.

Absinthe Collection

submission by Ipieman in Liberty_flights

6 hours, 29 minutes ago

Well, I guess... no wedding cake then?

comment by SoulDroog in gifs

22 hours, 53 minutes ago

To all the people who are like "wow I feel bad for her, she probably gets beat at home" WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT IF SHE GETS BEAT??? Is she trying to encourage an ass whooping? its ridiculous that almost everyone is just assuming he's a woman beater. What about being exhausted and just wanting to not have to deal with stupid shit like that after this whole day. He turns away from her and he is pulled back by her at which point he was like "fuck the cake, lets move on to our absinthe tower of drinks."

Can you help me pick an absinthe from this list?

submission by countabount in Absinthe

1 day, 6 hours ago

I would like to have my first taste of absinthe. Based on the tasting profiles I have read, I think I will enjoy it. These are the products that are available to me.

I would like to use the absinthe in cocktails, but I will also drink it neat. Suggestions?

Hey Reddit, what was your first legal drink?

comment by chibiace in AskReddit

2 days, 15 hours ago

ill give it a try, have you tried absinthe?

Fountains: Do you own one?

submission by 6NippleCharlie in Absinthe

2 days, 23 hours ago

For ~15 years I've been content using a Polish crystal water pitcher I bought for under $10. Also, a fountain takes up space I can't spare. For me it's fine, but I wouldn't mind an antique French pitcher, like one of these at some point if I'm feeling fancy pantsy.

How do you find the quality of modern absinthe fountains? Are the plastic parts unnoticeable and not "cheap" in appearance or function?

I was alphabetising my spice rack...

comment by suzhousteve in Jokes

3 days, 1 hour ago

I don't get what you mint. I'm so absinthe minded.

[Recruiting] Absinthe | Clan Level 5 | TH8+ | Min donations 1000+ | Continuous Wars

submission by _tsunami_ in ClashOfClansRecruit

3 days, 1 hour ago

Absinthe is a level 5 clan for very active players. We require 1000+ minimum requests and donations per season. We war continuously and require everyone to use to coordinate. This means about 7 wars per season, you may opt out but if you are opting out of more than 2-3 per season this might not be the clan for you. Our flag is black with a green tip.

TH8 Prerequisites

  • Level 80+
  • Archers 5+
  • Barb King 5+
  • At least 3 of these war troop levels: Golems (2), Wizard (5) Balloons (5), Dragons (3) Pekka (2+), Hogs (4) Valkyries (2)
  • Walls at least 7+; ADs, mortars and wizard towers 5+
  • 175+ War Stars

TH9 Prerequisites

  • Level 90+
  • Archers 6+, Wizards 5+
  • Heroes combined level 15+
  • At least 3 of these war troop levels: Golems (3+), Balloons (6), Pekka (2+), Hogs (5) Valkyries (3+) Witches (1+) Lava Hound (1+)
  • 50% walls at least 8+; ADs, mortars and wizard towers 6+
  • Have pushed up to at least Masters III (2600+ trophy's) before.
  • 200+ War Stars

TH10 Prerequisites

  • Level 100+
  • Archers 6+, Wizards 5+
  • Heroes combined level 20+
  • At least 3 of these war troop levels: Golems (4+), Balloons (6), Wizards (6) Dragons (4) Pekka (4+), Hogs (5) Valkyries (4) Witches (2) Lava Hound (2+)
  • Walls at least 8+; ADs, mortars and wizard towers 7+
  • Have pushed up to at least Masters II (2800+ trophy's) before.
  • 225+ War Stars

Prefer folks that have a reddit account and regularly check messages and also our groupme. Read our complete rules and include our password (not shadow) in your request it is found on our subreddit /r/clashabsinthe

Absinthe: Season #23 Review!

submission by even-zawn in ClashAbsinthe

3 days, 5 hours ago

Absinthe: Season #23 Review

Hey, zohnr here to give you guys a recap of all the awesome stuff we did last season! (:

How We Clashed With Other Clans

We did 7 wars and came out 3-3-1!

Absinthe vs. 601(Chinese shit) [77-4]
I think these guys slept through the war or something.

Absinthe vs. TenPro [48-64]
They had like ten pros, man. There's nothing we could do about that. :/

Absinthe vs. ChingPingDingDingDong [58-58]

Absinthe vs. PASKAR KITO JR [53-54]
We lost this one because of that one 99% two-star. Yeah.

Absinthe vs. Last_Friendship [54-60]
Unfortunately, we are no longer friends with this clan because we were their last friend and they decided to stomp us in a war.

Absinthe vs. SCOLOPENDRA [57-51]
This war was the one that granted us our level five clan perks. A monumental moment in our clan's history.

Absinthe vs. DSI [55-47]
It didn't even matter if we did bad in this one because holy shit did they do worse. Go team.

Needy Friends

This was probably the craziest donation season I've ever seen. We had two people with over ten thousand donations!

Our top 5 most generous clashers:
1. Zen 10,904
2. BlackhawkRookie 10,328
3. Homie 4,155
4. Avalanche 3,879
5. ddeellyynn 3,185

Our clan donated a total of 83,081 troops!
We averaged out 1,730 troops per person! That's 700 over the seasonal requirement!

Our top 5 receivers were:
1. JBang 4,897 2. garrett s 4,025 3. shugnasty 3,984 4. SupaNinjaMuffin 3,717 5. deathdealer 3,704

Being a top receiver is actually really great too because you can't get to 10k donations without people asking for troops. (:

Trophy Collectors

Our top 5 cup collectors were:
1. SupaNinjaMuffin 3,399 at TH10 2. eric the great 3,024 at TH10 3. j12on 2,897 at TH10 4. BadCompany 2,880 at TH10 5. xHaskins 2,836 at TH9

We had:
1 Champ
9 Masters
10 Crystals
21 Goldies
7 Silvers

Our Trophy Score was 23507


Just some fun facts to think about. As a clan, we've currently:
Grabbed 19,807,901,554 Gold
Escaped with 19,498,873,401 Elixir
Heisted 59,970,177 Dark Elixir


To finish things off, I'd just like to ask you guys how you liked this season's review. If you have any suggestions or requests, let me know in the comments. And, when you guys are leaving the clan for whatever reasons, it'd be super cool if you'd type your donations and receives in the chat right before you go. That way I can still tally everything up at the end of the season. Okay, au revoir. :3

Well beautiful is one way to put it...

comment by rocket_raccon in funny

3 days, 20 hours ago

That bottle sucks. It's not even full of absinthe in the shaft part!

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