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Private Detective Caught Man’s Wife Having Sex With His Own Teenage Son

comment by snaredonk in nottheonion

1 year ago

dat ass tho


What's your favorite compliment ?

comment by Kudhos in AskReddit

1 year ago

"You shit with DAT ASS?"

Only in Canada...

comment by trent6969 in funny

1 year ago

Dat ass on the right tho.

Only in Canada...

comment by ElGreatFantastico in funny

1 year ago

Dat ass on the right tho.

History of Rap 6 (Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake)

comment by throwawaycanadian in videos

1 year ago

dat ass in the purple at the end.

What was that juicy hometown/high school rumor that turned out to be true? [Nsfw]

comment by thrattatarsha in AskReddit

1 year ago

As the prodigal but extremely socially awkward lead snare drummer, I always had a fat crush on two of the members of the flute section. Go ahead, quote the dumb line from the dumb movie. Anyway, one of the cuter ones was positioned directly in front of me when we marched (why the woodwinds were so close to percussion is still a matter of much head scratching). Got a good long look at dat ass all throughout high school.

Now she's my manager. Married with two kids. Also, one of my best friends ever. Weird how life turns out for townies sometimes.

Russian Ballerinas Twerking (NSFW)

comment by elstonlad in videos

1 year ago

balls deep in dat ass

'Next Gen Graphics'

comment by Saltydawgg in gaming

1 year ago

Damn, I know r/gaming isn't known for great content, but since Arkham Knight, the Witcher 3, and this came out, there is a post about "dat ass" every fucking day.

Is it the same people who keep upvoting it? Or have people never seen this shit before and think its dope or what.

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