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So sexist

comment by Anne_of_Avonlea in pics

13 minutes ago

Lol. "Acting like a gentleman" and all of the chivalrous expectations that came with it defs weren't invented by the third wave, but nice try.

What's a movie idea that hasn't been made yet?

comment by Gummy4 in AskReddit

36 minutes ago

Nice try Hollywood

[Serious] Creepiest things to ever happen on Reddit?

comment by floraltits in AskReddit

37 minutes ago

I'm on mobile but nice try

Frequent flyers of reddit, what are some tips for plane rides?

comment by YouEnglishNotSoGood in AskReddit

45 minutes ago

Nice try, pilot. Now quit telling us we should be in the air in 4 minutes and get this bitch in line. "

What's a daily inconvenience you could easily fix, but haven't?

comment by BiagioLargo in AskReddit

51 minutes ago

Nice try then you'll ask me why i haven't

Pirates of Reddit, why, what and how do you pirate?

comment by cheesehammer21 in AskReddit

59 minutes ago

Nice try Obama. We know its you.

Anyone else starting to think of Melissa McCarthy as the female Rob Schneider?

comment by LolaRockabella in movies

1 hour, 2 minutes ago

Um, I made the thread, and a quick view of posting history will show I have nothing but contempt for fat-bashing. Nice try.

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