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Iran Nuclear Deal Reached. After eight straight days of high-level diplomatic negotiations between the six world powers and Iran, negotiators announced an interim agreement has been reached on the principles for dismantling Iran's nuclear program in exchange for lifting heavy economic sanctions.

comment by JaelenStrong in worldnews

3 years ago

I'm not quite sure why there is so much backlash against the deal? I understand the worries that Israel will have about the economic progress Iran will make but isn't any step towards deescalation of arms a good one? With the current destabilization of the middle east, isn't further cooperation and progress to peace a good thing? The last thing I would like is an overly aggressive Israel to feel threatened by the nuclear developments of Iran and resort to some kind of rash action that ultimately spurs on WWIII.

Report: Mayweather received illegal IV before Pacquiao fight

comment by bayerndj in news

3 years ago

Different fighters, just like there are different teams. Pistons and Spurs have been defensive juggernauts, overwhelming their opponents on fundamentals just like Mayweather does. Of course, right now in the NBA this is not the case. Ravens would be an example in the NFL.

Vietnam veteran denied pain pills after testing positive for marijuana

comment by hobblingcontractor in news

3 years ago

Christ I've got two bulging discs (C6-C7, L5-S1) plus bone spurs in my neck. I dread my future.

What animal would become truly terrifying if it became carnivorous and started hunting people for food?

comment by SmokeyPeanutRic in AskReddit

3 years ago

Ha that is what everyone said when I bought a boat shaped like a saddle and wore a cowboy hat and spurs every where!

1.5 years of trust building exercises went into this photo.

comment by worthless-trash in aww

3 years ago

It was a common misconception, many people did believe they had poison in the spurs.

baby stingrays

comment by fondledbydolphins in gifs

3 years ago

In other news related to feet like structures you wouldn't have thought to find on animals. Boa constrictors to this day have remnants of what would have been their feet before they evolved into snake... shape? animals. They're called spurs.

You can see spurs being used during mating in this video. NSFW if you're a snake.

ELI5: In the Bible, Adam and Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel. After Cain kills Abel, he then marries a woman. Where did this woman come from?

comment by anonymous_anymonee in explainlikeimfive

3 years ago

It is basically a claw, what's left of one. If I remember right, males have larger spurs, but I'm a corn snake person, which don't have spurs, so I can't make comparisons.

Moronic Monday - Your weekly stupid questions thread

comment by toaster10 in Fitness

3 years ago

Why don't more advanced lifters do single leg dead lifts? They are amazing for hamstring strength and gluteus medius because you have to keep your pelvis level while on one leg. Most sports require strength and stability while on one leg to generate power and change directions (rarely are both feet planted as in normal DLs). Plus you use about half the weight with single leg DLs so theoretically less spinal compression (I worry about vertebral bone spurs and disc damage as a consequence of loading the spine with 300-500 lbs 1-2x/week for many years).

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