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The 100 Movies 365 Days Challenge!

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I challenge you to watch 100 movies in the next 365 days. You must review each movie you see to keep track. Your reviews should follow this format. At the end, create a Top 100 list of the movies you saw. Simple enough concept. Any questions feel free to ask the mods.

If and when you reach 100, keep going until your year is done. Your year starts when you post review #1.


  1. The definition of a feature film states that it should be 40 minutes in length. Unless it is on the 1001 Movies to Watch before You Die list (some films are as short as 14 minutes), the minimum length should be 40 minutes.
  2. You can't watch a movie that you have already seen.
  3. You must watch from start to finish.
  4. Don't make fake reviews for movies you have not seen.
  5. Please indicate if your post has spoilers.

If you're making a comment about a movie that might constitute as a "spoiler", please use the spoiler tag!

Post spoilers in this format:

[Spoiler!](/s "X kills Y!")

The spoiler will be revealed when you mouseover the text: Spoiler!


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