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1200isplenty_keto: for those doing a lower calorie keto diet

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This week in our Sub :D

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Welcome! o/

I made /r/1200isplentyketo because I'm female, short and on keto and thus aiming for a low daily calorie count.

Though there are many keto subs I was surprised to find there was no sub that really catered to these needs - and as keto is easily very high calorie (what with all that cheese and bacon) it is very helpful to collate all the low calories versions in one place.

Whether your stats mean you need to eat 1200 calories to lose weight, or you can eat a bit more but still want some low calorie alternatives - this sub is for anybody looking for low calorie keto meal ideas :)

Anybody is welcome to contribute - even if you're not going as low as 1200 calories a day. Low calorie daily meals are essential for all of us - so everything is appreciated!

As well as being a place to find and share low calorie keto meals, we also hope to provide general support to those following keto and losing weight - and are open to questions and discussion about these topics too :D

All welcome!

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(re)Starting Sunday A place of advice and support for those starting out or restarting keto

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