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13 or 30

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People who look old and young at the same time.

Please keep posts to people who look like multiple ages. This is subjective for the most part, but we will remove posts that don't follow this guideline without notice.


  • 1) Follow Proper Reddiquette

    • 1.1) Do not post someone's personal info. Please block out all names when posting screenshots with personal info on them.

    • 1.2) Do not post direct links to Reddit threads or other platforms for social media. Take a screenshot instead to insure user anonymity by hiding names

    • 1.3) Be civil. Racism, bigotry, and homophobia will not be tolerated. Witch-hunting will also not be tolerated

  • 2) No Photoshopped/ fake images

  • 3) No politics. This includes parodying politicians. It's not because they're not funny; it's because politicians generally look one age. Yes, some politicians act a certain age, but most only look like one.

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