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A subreddit for Nissan 350Z sports coupe enthusiasts!

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Here you will find everything 350Z related! Post pictures, share modifications, ask questions and discuss your love for the most important letter in the alphabet.

Don't be afraid to resubmit discussion threads with certain topics. As our community grows people join who may have missed out the first time around such as "Looking to buy a Z" or "Maintenance requirement" threads. Owners are here to give their advice on maintenance, modifications and buying tips. Discussions are what we are here for so encourage it!

Looking into buying a 350z?

A quick rundown of the 350z differences

Perspective buyer's guide

If you are looking at a particular posting for a car feel free to submit it to open up discussion on that particular model.

Service manuals, ODB-II codes, owners manual and all other 350Z specific links are contained within our wiki page. You can access this by clicking the wiki tab at the top of the subreddit.

If you submit a link and it doesn't show up at all please contact the mod's ASAP, your link has been sucked into Reddit's spam filter and will need to be approved.

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