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Entire Movies Summarized Using Just 3 Frames

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Summarize a Movie Using Just 3 Frames
Make a serious attempt to tell the whole story, e.g., The Usual Suspects, or replace a frame or 3 to make an amusing 'director's cut'.

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Smokey, this isn't 'Nam. This is Reddit. There are rules:

  • SPOILERS ARE ALLOWED but the SPOILER button should be used when the thumbnail might spoil the movie. It works just like the NSFW button.

  • [3FM] tag goes before the title.
    ^It ^means ^Warning, ^Potential ^SPOILER ^Ahead

  • NSFW movies scenes must be labeled "NSFW" in the title.

  • Gifs are allowed/encouraged.
    Don't take "3 Frames" too literally.

  • Refrain from downvoting movies which you have not seen.

  • Not a rule, but if you x-post something to another subreddit, be cool and mention that it came from here.

How To Make a 3 Frame Movie

        A fairly easy tutorial!

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