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Swap Your Friend Codes

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In need of friends?

> * First, click on the 'Submit your own Friend Code' button at the top right hand corner of your browser (or click here). Add an informative title, then include your friend code and the games you play into the text box below. It's as simple as that!

>* Otherwise, you can reply to an existing topic with your friend code. But remember, both parties must add each other in order to successfully add each other as a friend.


> * You must add your friend code into the body of your post or comment. If it is not included within the body of your post or comment, the spam filter may automatically remove it.

> Preferred format for friend code: "1234-5678-9012"

>* Keep posts related to the sharing of friend codes and discussion.

>* No bullying or harassment.

>* All sitewide rules of reddit must be followed at all times. Also, please be mindful of reddiquette.

>Nintendo 3DS Official Website

>Nintendo Friend Code FAQ

>All rules above will be implemented and enforced at moderators discretion. If you have any questions or query's in regards to the subreddit, feel free to send a message to the moderators.

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