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3DS Game Night

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> #Welcome >Welcome to 3DS Game Night, where we gather to challenge, or cooperate with, one another in the virtual realm. Follow us on Twitter (@3dsGameNight!) >> #[Mumble (Voice Chat)](
>> #Calendar HTML/XML/iCAL

>> #[MK7 Community Code Master List](

>What is CEST? | What is PST?

> #Rules

>1. This is the biggest one, really. BE NICE. Don't bash on someone's game that they want to play, simply because you do not like it. Save any bashing for your battles (hopefully, leaving it in jest).

>2. Posts should be in a format that gives a general time-frame of when you'd like to get together online and play.

>3. No cheating. If we get evidence that a player has cheated or lied about the outcome of a tournament, they may be either barred from future tournaments or banned for the subreddit based on how grievous the offence.

Link Flair:


>This is one of the regular game nights posted by the mods. (See top of sidebar for this week's list.) >Official game night posts mean same day.

Private Game:

>Just looking for a quick, one-on-one, etc., or an extended play session, Game Night where you exchange Friend Codes and contact information and set a specific date and time.

Public Game:

>Post this for a more informal event, designed to simply have a bunch of users on at once for random matches. Be sure to provide a general timeframe for people to join in, so no one is too late (or early?).

>[Note: [public] and [private] Game Night posts are up to you, the user! Feel free to make a post whenever you feel in the mood to game!](#icon-comments)

> # More

>Have fun, out there!

>Be sure to check out /r/WiiUGameNights and /r/Nintendo_Network (a new sub dedicated to the Nintendo platform, as a whole)!

>If you don't want to plan an excursion, but would just like to have friends to populate your list, then /r/3dsFCSwap is the place to be!

>Looking for the best deals on games you see here? Check out /r/3dsdeals!

>For all other 3DS-related items, articles, etc., you know where to go! (But, just in case, it's /r/3ds)

> # External Links

>For all other games you want to play, be sure to check out /r/g4ggamenight, a subsidiary of /r/gaming4gamers!

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