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3DS Hacking and Homebrew

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3DS Hacking and Homebrew

Hello and welcome to /r/3DShacks! Before you start posting here, please read the rules below and the sticky Q&A thread.


  1. Follow the reddiquette.

  2. Don't abuse the userflairs. Using flairs on posts is highly recommended, too.

  3. Illegitimate copies and other copyright violations are not permitted. In particular, this forbids:

  4. Linking to full game data, such as .3ds/CCI and CIA files.
  5. Sharing tickets.
  6. Sharing encryption keys to copyrighted material.
  7. Openly admitting to copyright violations or promoting them.
  8. Sharing or naming tools whose primary purpose is aiding copyright violations.

  9. Posts are to be kept high quality:

    1. No unspecific, noob or support questions; keep those in the stickied Q&A thread.
    2. No ads, deals or sales.
    3. No overused memes.
    4. No bragging about purchases.
    5. No clickbait.
    6. No use of adfly or similar.
    7. Posts relating to the same general topic have a five day cooldown period. Unimportant new releases have a 48 hour cooldown period.
    8. Do not offer or request hardmods, system transfers or exploit games; please use GBAtemp for that.
    9. No redundant, lower quality versions of already existing guides/tutorials

Please report posts that you think break rules, especially 4th. It will help us immensely dealing with them.

Disclaimer: There is always the potential for an UNRECOVERABLE brick. Everything you do is your own responsibility, neither the subreddit mods/IRC ops, nor the guide makers nor any person helping out on the sub/IRC is responsible for your bricked system.

Plailect's OTP and full boot9strap CFW Guide – everything you need to know to get a CFW installed

Official Subreddit Wiki - (45 day old account & Subreddit Karma of 50+ required to edit)

Contributing to the Wiki is greatly appreciated!

Official IRC channel: #3dshacks@rizon

Browser IRC here.

(No guest nicks allowed, remember to change it)

Thanks to /u/MachMatic for creating the subreddit banner!

Thanks to /u/geo1088 for the Tora theme!

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