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3-Gun: The Way Of The 3-Gun

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Welcome to /r/3gun

3-Gun shooting events are practical shooting events where the stages are shot with a combination of a rifle, handgun, and shotgun.

Matches generally involve courses where the shooter must move through different stages, and engage targets in a variety of different positions.

Each stage will generally require the use of different weapons and require the shooter to transition between different firearms.

How to Get Started in 3-Gun Competition

3-Gun Pro Jesse Tischauser shares some tips. Link

Where can I find a 3-Gun Match?

Contact a local 3-Gun club/match in your state: [3-Gun By State] (

What do I need to take to a 3-Gun Match?

Thanks to /r/GTHappy, check out his [Travel Match Checklist] (

3 Gun Gear

  • [Atlas Target Works - use "r/3gun" for 10% off] (
  • [Arredondo Accessories] (
  • [Ben Stoeger Pro Shop] (
  • [Carbon Arms US] (
  • [Chris's Winning Shooting Accessories] (
  • [Competitive Edge Dynamics] (
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  • [Double Alpha Academy] (
  • [Make Ready Pro Shop] (
  • [Nordic Components] (
  • [Power Factor Shooting] (
  • [Shooters Connection] (
  • [Shooters Source] (
  • [Speed Shooter Specialties] (

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