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NFC West Standings

Team|W|L|Div|PF|PA|Diff|Stk :--|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--: Rams|4|2|2-1|179|138|+41|W1 Seahawks|3|2|2-0|110|87|+23|W2 Cardinals|3|3|2-0|119|158|-39|W1 49ers|0|6|0-3|113|146|-33|L6

Pre-season Schedule

Date| Time| |Opponent| Results :--|:--:|:--:|:--|:--: 08/11|6:00 PM|@| Chiefs | W 27-17 08/19|7:00 PM|vs| Broncos | L 14-33 08/27|5:00 PM|@| Vikings | L 31-32 08/31|7:00 PM|vs| Chargers | W 23-13

Regular Season Schedule

Date| Time| |Opponent| Results :--|:--:|:--:|:--|:--: 09/10|1:25 PM|vs| Panthers|L 3-23 09/17|1:25 PM|@| Seahawks|L 9-12 09/21|5:25 PM|vs| Rams|L 39-41 10/01|1:05 PM|@| Cardinals|L 15-18 OT 10/08|10:00 AM|@| Colts|L 23-26 OT 10/15|10:00 AM|@| Redskins|L 24-26 10/22|1:05 PM|vs| Cowboys|FOX 10/29|10:00 AM|@| Eagles|FOX 11/05|1:05 PM|vs| Cardinals|FOX 11/12|1:25 PM|vs| Giants|FOX Bye|||| 11/26|1:05 PM|vs| Seahawks|FOX 12/03|10:00 AM|@| Bears|CBS 12/10|10:00 AM|@| Texans|FOX 12/17|1:25 PM|vs| Titans|CBS 12/24|1:05 PM|vs| Jaguars|CBS 12/31|1:25 PM|@| Rams|FOX

49ers in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

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