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San Francisco 49ers: For all things red and gold!

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  • Jan 29 49ers hire GM John Lynch
  • Jan 31 GM John Lynch hires savant Adam Peters as VP of player personel
  • Feb 5 Super Bowl LI (Houston, TX)
  • Feb 6 49ers hire Head Coach Kyle Shanahan
  • Feb 15 First day for clubs to designate franchise or transition Players
  • Feb 28 NFL Combine begins (Indianapolis, IN)
  • Mar 1 Deadline for clubs to designate franchise or transition players
  • Mar 6 NFL Combine ends
  • Mar 7-9 Teams are permitted to contact and enter into negotiations with unrestricted free agents
  • Mar 9 2017 league year begins, Free Agency/Trading begins
  • Mar 26 Annual league meeting (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Apr 3 Clubs with new head coach may begin offseason workout programs (that's us!)
  • Apr 17 Other clubs begin offseason workouts
  • Apr 21 Deadline for Restricted Free Agents to sign offer sheets
  • Apr 26 Deadline for prior club to exercise Right of First Refusal to RFAs
  • Apr 27 NFL Draft (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Jul 15 Deadline to sign designated franchise player to multiyear contract or extension
  • Aug 3 Hall of Fame Game
  • Aug 5 Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony

2017 Draft Tracker

Rd | Pick (Ovr) | Type | Pos :--:|:--:|:--:|:--: 1|2 (2)|Own| | 2|2 (34)|Own| | 3|2 (66)|Own| | 4|? (?)|Own| | 5|? (?)|Own| | 6|? (?)|Own| | 6|? (?)|Own| | 7|? (?)|Denver| | 7|? (?)|Cleveland| | ?|? (?)|Comp| | ?|? (?)|Comp| |

49ers in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

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