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  1. Don't post anything other than 4chan screenshots. Do NOT actually link to Do NOT post anything from 8chan, wizardchan, and other unrelated websites you dumb kid :) Do NOT post personal information, trivial GET posts, copypasta, posts about reddit, raid plans. or images unrelated to 4chan.

  2. Do NOT post screencaps over a year old. Those posts belong in /r/classic4chan. If you crop out the date you will be subject to ridicule and possibly a meme ban.

  3. Do NOT crop your post poorly

  4. Do NOT act like a basic reddit bitch. This includes quips, puns, song lyrics, novelty accounts, bots, getting lots of karma on a single post, and other dummy things that make you a manchild.

  5. Do NOT reveal personal information, or post 4chan screenshots, that contain personal information of an individual.

  6. Do NOT include any requests to "include me in the screencap."

  7. Do NOT forget to mark NSFW content.

  8. Do NOT break any rules that the mods might invent on the spot.

Mission Statement:

We personally severely dislike reddit and everyone who frequents it. We believe it's a shitty, destructive echo chamber that does much more public harm than anything 4chan has ever done. We think it discourages communication and encourages passive, addict-like consumption. We are making reddit worse as a public service, hopefully driving you people away from this toxic, horrible website.

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