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52 Weeks of Design

4,225 subscribers a community for 6 years, 3 months

last post 167 days ago [+]


Each week you will be challenged to design something new. Everyone is encouraged to join and to give constructive criticism to others!


This subreddit encourages everyone to submit their creations, no matter their skill level. Please be polite at all times and submit constructive comments. It's nice that you like something, but try to describe why?


List of past challenges

Vote for your favourite submission!


Submission Rules

  • Only 1 submission per user per week.

  • Submissions must be your own work.

  • Use Imgur, Minus or a direct link to your blog to show your images.

  • Follow the Reddiquette.

Failure to abide by the above rules may result in a disqualification.


Related Subreddits

  • /r/Design

  • /r/Graphic_design

  • /r/web_design

  • /r/design_critiques

  • /r/CommercialPrinting


All submissions are owned by their creator, and any copyright infringement is the responsibility of their submitter.

Colour Guide for the mods

Find out how you get a medal!

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Atheist symbol poll

91 subscribers a community for 9 years, 4 months

last post 429 days ago [+]

A poll about the most appropriate symbol for Atheism

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Biomimicry: Design Inspired by Nature

661 subscribers a community for 8 years, 5 months

last post 14 days ago [+]

Biomimicry connects two seemingly unconnected disciplines, biology and engineering, to help solve human design challenges by looking to nature for inspiration.

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1,144,429 subscribers a community for 7 years, 7 months

last post today [+]

Click here to join our discord! (Updated 2018!)


Stylesheet Settings

Off - pls no


||| |:------|:---| |We got emoticons people! Click here for our emote guide!|


This subreddit is moderated for quality, which means we remove content that we deem to be low quality, low effort, nonsensical, or common/unoriginal. We do not "let the votes decide". We understand that this type of policy is controversial and uncommon, especially for default subreddits, but we believe this method of moderation gives a subreddit the best chance at maintaining quality.


Rules are enforced upon moderator discretion.

||| |:------|:---| |1. IT MUST BE CRAPPY DESIGN|Every submission must be a Crappy Design. If your post seems more appropriate in the following subreddits, please post there instead. /r/Engrish - for translations gone wrong, /r/SoftwareGore - for programming errors.| |2. NO RECENT REPOSTS| New content is encouraged. Reposts of content under three months old or in the top 100 posts of all time will be removed. Other reposts may be removed at moderator discretion. |3. KEEP QUALITY HIGH| Software gore, swastikas, and penises may be removed. |4. NO PERSONAL INFORMATION| Posting, or seeking, any identifying personal information (real/fake) will result in a ban without prior warning. This includes, but is not limited to, names, phone numbers, email addresses, or any social media accounts, regardless if it is your own. |5. BE CIVIL - NO SWEAR WORDS|All users are expected to be respectful to others. Personal attacks, bigotry, fighting words, otherwise inappropriate behavior or content, comments that insult or demean a specific user or group of users will be removed. Violators may be banned.

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Creative Cloud

2,204 subscribers a community for 5 years, 4 months

last post 6 days ago [+]

A sub-reddit for discussions of, and help with, Adobes Creative Cloud software. Learn and help others so we can get the most out of our creative cloud subscriptions.

Feel free to submit advice, comments on features we may have missed, or adobe are about to add, and share your cool cross-program tricks/tips/tutorials. Photoshop requests are strictly banned.

Any questions or content about any software or service included in creative cloud is allowed, but generic/beginner questions about the 'bigger' software should be asked in their specific subreddits where possible. Other rules to be made up on the fly/based on up-voting.

If you're new/thinking about getting creative cloud we'll be happy to share our knowledge but please don't start threads just complaining about how you don't like the service.

Specific Program Sub-reddits:












Related Subreddits:



Creative Cloud website:

Creative Cloud Service Status

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456,792 subscribers a community for 10 years, 6 months

last post 1 day ago [+]

  • Please read the rules on the sidebar before posting.

This subreddit is for lovers of design!

Be sure to flair your submissions!


1. No free work.

> Simple. No requesting free work or you will be banned.

2. No personal information.

> Real or fake, you will be banned without any warning.

3. No advertising.

> You may not advertise your content or work. This means no content that is commercial, nor fueled by self-interest (i.e. intended for monetary, view, or karma gain). Your work must be honest, and must not blatantly advertise.

4. No font identification requests.

> Go to /r/identifythisfont. Do not post an identification request here.

5. No low quality content.

> No memes, no macros, no trolling, comics or low-quality content. Post in /r/CrappyDesign or /r/designmemes

6. No harassment.

> Harass, bully, or insult anybody, and you will be banned.

7. No design critique requests.

> Need design critique? Use /r/design_critiques.

8. No political discussion in the comments.

> Do not discuss politics in the comments. You are allowed to post political content if it is relevant, but don't bother arguing in the comments section.

9. Flair your post!

> Please flair your post by clicking "flair" and choosing the appropriate topic for your post.

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Similar Subreddits | ---| /r/architecture | /r/crappydesign | /r/design_critiques | /r/designjobs | /r/graphic_design | /r/identifythisfont | /r/industrialdesign | /r/interiordesign | /r/IxD | /r/learndesign | /r/logodesign | /r/PhotoshopRequest | /r/product_design | /r/typography | /r/userexperience | /r/web_design | /r/talesfromdesigners |

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Highlights industrial design, Machine aesthetics, Auto Design, etc

71 subscribers a community for 8 years, 1 month

last post 1454 days ago [+]

A reddit about the relationship between form and function.

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Graphic Design: news, tips, resources, rants and raves

278,577 subscribers a community for 9 years, 11 months

last post today [+]

Submission Policy

  1. Follow reddiquette, don't self-promote

  2. No purely artistic or aesthetic submission. Designs must convey an idea or message. If you’re not sure, see; /r/Art, /r/Illustration or /r/graphic_art

  3. Sharing your Design Work - Submitting a TEXT post discussing the context (how you designed it, the client, challenges you faced, etc.).
  4. No solicitation contests, free consultancy, or spec work. Job posts belong in /r/forhire, /r/DesignJobs or /r/jobs
  5. "How Is This Done?" and "What Style Is This?” and youtube tutorials belong in the Tech Tuesdays Thread
  6. No Typeface identification. See /r/identifythisfont
  7. No crappy design, memes. See /r/CrappyDesign or /r/designmemes
  8. When asking a question, please research this sub for similar questions. Posting questions, when it’s obvious you haven’t looked or researched for the same or similar questions, will be removed.

Please report any posts which break these rules, to maintain the quality of the subreddit.

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Design Subreddits

LIST|  :---|:--- /r/LearnDesign | /r/AdobeIllustrator /r/web_design | /r/design /r/design_critiques | /r/crappydesign /r/photoshopbattles | /r/design_challenges /r/designthought | /r/industrialdesign /r/freelance | /r/DesignPorn /r/visualization | /r/typography /r/idesignedthis | /r/52WeeksOfDesign /r/identifythisfont | /r/talesfromdesigners /r/freefonts | /r/thecreativebusiness /r/product_design | /r/criticaldesign /r/logo_critique | /r/UI_Design /r/designinspire | /r/motiondesign /r/logodesign | /r/PhotoshopRequest /r/IxD | /r/userexperience /r/designfreebie/ | /r/freedesign

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Interaction Design

629 subscribers a community for 10 years, 1 month

last post 23 days ago [+]

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Reddit Snoo Logos

1,800 subscribers a community for 9 years, 2 months

last post today [+]

>Welcome to Reddit Logos!

Are you a mod and need a logo?

Ask for one.

Want to help out new subreddits?

Then subscribe.

>Request Guidelines:

  • Be the subreddit MODERATOR

  • Include subreddit LINK

(in your request not the title)

  • Please include a DESCRIPTION

(of the snoo you want not your subreddit)

  • NSFW requests are FILTERED

>Logo Guidelines: Reddit Alien "Snoo"

Neither the alien or word "reddit" has to be in it, but it generally fits in better if they are. Clever or relevant variations on the standard logo are the best.

It looks better if the background is transparent. Plus this allows for custom themes and changing your header's color.

We suggest saving the logo as a PNG with RGB/sRGB, since this allows for transparency, lossless quality and helps GIMP users.

The default size is 120x40px, but you can make it bigger or smaller if you like. Logos which are too big may make your header too tall.

Wanna customize your own logo? Download Reddit Vector Pack!

Too Lazy? Mooch off Pineapplecharm's Logo Archive

Snoo Subreddits!

Click Here to Find Out What Snoo Is Doing?

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Vexillology: for all you flag lovers out there!

188,649 subscribers a community for 8 years

last post today [+]

Subreddit Rules & FAQ

Full Rules

1. Discussion should be flag-related

2. Keep it civil!

3. Avoid low-effort commenting

4. Avoid discussing NSFW Tag

5. Don't crosspost to meta/political subs

6. Review Submission Rules, especially:

- Don't Editorialize Titles
- Provide Context in the comments

User Flair

Monthly Contests

Link Flair & Filters

Link Flair Chart

All types of flags

| | | |-|-| |OC|Original Content| |Current|Currently used flags| |Historical|Historical flags| |Redesigns|Proposals & Redesigns| |Fictional|Flags of made up places|

Photos of flags in the real world

| | | |-|-| |In The Wild|Flags in the real world| |Collection|Show off your collection| |Identify?|Flag identification|

Flag talk and other non-image posts

| | | |-|-| |Contest|Monthly Contest| |Discussion|Discussion and Articles| |Resources|Tools and Resources| |Requests|Request a design| |Meta|Talk about /r/vexillology|

Flag Resources

Design Flags

Talk About Flags

Buy Flags

Related Subreddits

  • /r/vexillologycirclejerk
  • /r/heraldry
  • /r/monsho
  • /r/polandball
  • /r/PropagandaPosters
  • /r/MapPorn
  • /r/geography
  • /r/worldbuilding
  • /r/imaginarymaps
  • /r/Inkscape
  • /r/GIMP

Vexillology Wiki

Visit our vex wiki for related subreddits, previous flag contests, and more information about vexillology!

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