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52 Weeks of Design

4,225 subscribers a community for 6 years, 5 months

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Each week you will be challenged to design something new. Everyone is encouraged to join and to give constructive criticism to others!


This subreddit encourages everyone to submit their creations, no matter their skill level. Please be polite at all times and submit constructive comments. It's nice that you like something, but try to describe why?


List of past challenges

Vote for your favourite submission!


Submission Rules

  • Only 1 submission per user per week.

  • Submissions must be your own work.

  • Use Imgur, Minus or a direct link to your blog to show your images.

  • Follow the Reddiquette.

Failure to abide by the above rules may result in a disqualification.


Related Subreddits

  • /r/Design

  • /r/Graphic_design

  • /r/web_design

  • /r/design_critiques

  • /r/CommercialPrinting


All submissions are owned by their creator, and any copyright infringement is the responsibility of their submitter.

Colour Guide for the mods

Find out how you get a medal!

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Creative Cloud

2,204 subscribers a community for 5 years, 6 months

last post 6 days ago [+]

A sub-reddit for discussions of, and help with, Adobes Creative Cloud software. Learn and help others so we can get the most out of our creative cloud subscriptions.

Feel free to submit advice, comments on features we may have missed, or adobe are about to add, and share your cool cross-program tricks/tips/tutorials. Photoshop requests are strictly banned.

Any questions or content about any software or service included in creative cloud is allowed, but generic/beginner questions about the 'bigger' software should be asked in their specific subreddits where possible. Other rules to be made up on the fly/based on up-voting.

If you're new/thinking about getting creative cloud we'll be happy to share our knowledge but please don't start threads just complaining about how you don't like the service.

Specific Program Sub-reddits:












Related Subreddits:



Creative Cloud website:

Creative Cloud Service Status

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Libre Design - Free software graphic design

2,905 subscribers a community for 9 years, 2 months

last post 5 days ago [+]

The free culture movement promotes free software and formats, and other free media as forms of resistance against the privatization of technology, media, and ideas.

/r/FreeCulture (chat) — Organizing, activism, news, and discussion

/r/LibreDesign (chat) — Graphic design

/r/LibreStudio (chat) — Audio/Video production

/r/FreeGaming (chat) — Free/Libre Video Games and Development

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