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Cook Something New

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Each week, we give you an ingredient, technique, cuisine, or inspiration. Each week, you cook a dish in that theme and share the results.

2018 Official Weekly Challenge List

Historical Threads of Interest

Challenge Rules:

  • Image Posts Only
    All posts must be a link to a picture, album, and/or video of something you prepared for the theme. Personal blog posts or similar are okay so long as they still contain said content. Recipes and/or descriptions are encouraged but not required.

  • Anything Goes
    We'd like you to actually cook a dish each week, but any edible creation (drinks, baked goods, garde-manger displays, etc.) will count. Don't worry too much about the specifics of each week's theme, interpretations are always welcome.

  • Post title format = "Week X: Theme - Dish Name".
    If you don't match this exactly, the bot will refuse your submission. This will be alleviated in the foreseeable future, but for now please just make the Robot Overlord happy.

  • Post Only Dishes Made For This Challenge
    All themes are posted approximately three weeks in advance, and you can prepare your dish at any point in that time frame. Using elements you prepared ahead of time is okay. (e.g. do not post a lemon meringue pie that you happened to have made in January if a Lemon theme comes up in August. But, if you happened to have made lemon preserves in January and still have a jar in your pantry, you are welcome to use that as a component in your dish.)

  • Jump In At Any Point
    You can join the challenge at any point in the year. There's no inherent competition here, all participants are working for their own culinary edification.

  • Three-Week Time Limit
    Don't post anything older than 3 weeks from the current week - the idea of the challenge is to make time to cook weekly. (e.g if the current week in the sub is week 36, the oldest you can post is week 33)

  • Please Downvote Responsibly
    Everyone is cooking at a different level here. What might look like a basic, poorly-presented, dish to you could be the poster's crowning culinary achievement. Please don't downvote someone's legitimate efforts.

  • Our Robot Overlord Is Cold And Unforgiving
    It operates exactly to its programming, but the rest of the mods have the soft hearts of humans. Feel free to message the moderators in any instances where you feel you deserve leeway for flair counts, post removals, etc. Please be sure to include a link to the thread(s) in question.

52 Weeks of Cooking Flair System

  • 5 Consecutive Weeks
  • 10 Total Weeks
  • 15 Consecutive Weeks
  • 20 Total Weeks
  • 25 Consecutive Weeks
  • 30 Total Weeks
  • 35 Consecutive Weeks
  • 40 Total Weeks
  • 45 Consecutive Weeks
  • 50 Total Weeks
  • 52 Consecutive Weeks
  • 60 Total Weeks
  • 70 Consecutive Weeks
  • 80 Total Weeks
  • 90 Consecutive Weeks
  • 100 Total Weeks
  • 104 Consecutive Weeks
  • 115 Total Weeks
  • 130 Consecutive Weeks
  • 145 Total Weeks
  • 156 Consecutive Weeks
  • 182 Total Weeks
  • 208 Consecutive Weeks
  • 2016 MetaTheme Completion - "MT '16"
  • 2017 MetaTheme Completion - "MT '17"

"Consecutive" means each dish was submitted during the corresponding week, not in the three-week grace period afterwards. In other words, to receive a consecutive flair for X-weeks, you must have an unbroken streak of posts, submitted during the corresponding week, totaling X-weeks.

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