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- Native 60 fps Content


Porn at 60 frames per second (fps) is smoother and more life-like than the standard 24 or 30 fps.

Native vs. Interpolated

Native: Video shot (natively) at 60 fps.

Interpolated: Software estimates what happens between existing frames (interpolation) in video shot at less than 60 fps.

Interpolation Tutorial


1. Framerate

Content must be 60 fps - both native and interpolated video is allowed.

Determining Framerate

2. Quality

Resolution != quality.

For Gfycat submissions, clips must be converted to the WebM format before uploading, otherwise there is significant compression and quality loss.

Examples of programs to convert to WebM are:

XMedia Recode HandBrake

Gfycat Tips More In-Depth

3. Flair

All posts must be flaired with either "Native", "Interpolated", or "Unknown" when submitting.

4. Approved Clip Hosts


5. Approved Streaming Hosts

Eporner PornHub

6. Self-Promotion

Posts from users that sell services on reddit will be removed, as will posts from users promoting outside sites (ex. verified PornHub 'amateurs').


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Anal Insertions

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Pictures and video of anal masturbation, anal fisting, anal strapon sex and double and triple anal penetration or juice or beautiful or stylish or just unusual anal.

Other Subreddits :







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Butt Plugs!

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A community dedicated to girls using butt plugs!

Guidelines: This is a female-centric image & video subreddit.

This subreddit has a no drama policy, so be excellent to each other!

When posting, please use a host such as imgur and link directly to the content.

Reporting: Please send a reason with your report or it may be ignored.

Content to Report For Removal:

  • Images & Videos not related to girls using butt plugs
  • Male-centric posts
  • Underage content
  • Any scat content
  • Spam of any kind

Do not post any personal information of yourself or others.

Removal Requests: If you are the copyright holder of an image or a person in an image and you would like your posted image removed, please contact the moderators. Be prepared to prove who you are.

Verified Posters: If you want a little plug icon flair, post a plugged picture of yourself with your redditname, the date, and "/r/buttplug" visible in the shot. Then, contact the moderators with a link to the post.

Also, if you've been verified at /r/gonewild, /r/gonemild, or /r/TeaseMePleaseMe, contact us with the link to the verification post, as well as your first plugged post here, and you'll be verified.

Check these out:

  • /r/publicplug
  • /r/buttplugunderpanties
  • /r/Analgw
  • /r/insertions_2
  • /r/petplay
  • /r/tailplug
  • /r/analhook
  • /r/cat_girls
  • /r/girlswithtoys
  • /r/TeaseMePleaseMe/
  • /r/girlsfinishingthejob
  • /r/plugged (dudes being plugged)
  • /r/MenWithToys (dudes with dildos and vibrators and such)

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for those aroused by male sounds

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Gonewild Audio Gay is a place to submit naughty recordings of your amazingly man hungry voice.

Post Titles/Tags:

Please add proper tags in the title as shown:

  • [M] - solo male voice

  • [M4M] - male voice, for male audience

  • Request [Erotica], [Fantasy], [Dirty talk], [JOI] - Jerk Off Instructions, are other examples of tags.

Please include a short description of what your post contains. Creativity encouraged!

Submission types:

An example submission would be: A recording of yourself masturbating, having sex, talking dirty, reading an erotic story, or giving instructions. We also encourage you to play with others.

Similar Subreddits:

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rule 34

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Subreddit Rules ( Hover )

I. Properly title & format your post.

  • Include every character's name in the title.
  • If the artist's name is visible on the art or you know who it is include the artist's name in (circle brackets).
  • Include the series name the character(s) are from in [square brackets].
  • Full details wiki.

II. Properly link flair your post.

  • A Link Flair is a tag that you must assign a post after you've uploaded it.
  • After you post your content, simply select flair and pick from the drop down menu. flair is located after un-nsfw & report buttons.
  • Do not write what flair it is in the title.
  • Full details wiki.

III. No random / miscellaneous dumps.

  • No more image dumps of random Rule34.
  • Every single post needs to follow the above rules.
  • If you have a collection from a single artist, you still need to post them separately.
  • Only those albums are allowed that are from the same series, of the same character, by the same artist in the same set.
  • Full details wiki.

IV. No Child Porn.

V. No Repost before 120 days.

  • Check via search bar before posting.
  • Sort by new & go through all posts going back 4 months.
  • Full details wiki.

VI. Limit of 10 posts per day.

Additional Guidelines

Unspoken rules

  • First post must be Rule34 and not a request.
  • Use the search bar before making a request.
  • Ask before posting sketchy things.
  • No Spam. Posts to things that redirect, or to albums with spam links in the comments are disallowed.
  • Rehost your content when needed.
  • Not all porn is rule 34.
  • Click here for full details.

Extensive details for LINK FLAIR.

Link Flair Categories


Other Subreddits of Interest

Alternative Views

3/13/18 Rules Updated | Repost time & formatting your post.

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Share your favorite ass pics.



  2. Submission rules are on the submission page. Read them before submitting.

  3. Click here to message the mods about whatever.

Recommended Subreddits:

  • /r/RedLingerie
  • r/Thongs
  • r/Ass
  • r/Panties
  • r/ThighHighs

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