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Porn in 60 fps

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Native 60 fps Content


Porn in 60 frames per second (whether it be native or interpolated) is smoother and more life-like than the standard 24 frames per second.

This sub is here to showcase high quality 60 fps clips and videos. The approved hosts and submission rules are listed further down on this page.

What's the difference?

Native means that a video was shot at 60 frames per second (fps).

Interpolated means that a video was originally shot at less than 60 fps. Software is used to estimate what happens in between existing frames, and bring the video up to 60 fps.

Interpolation Tutorial


1. Framerate

Content (obviously) must be 60 fps. Both native 60 fps and interpolated 60 fps are allowed.

Every post is checked by the moderators, but if you notice a post that is not 60 fps before we get to it, please report it so it brings it to our attention. (We even have a custom report option.)

2. Quality

Resolution != quality.

In particular with Gfycat submissions, the most important factor affecting quality is converting a clip to the WebM format before uploading to Gfycat, otherwise there tends to be a lot of compression and quality loss.

The moderators will remove posts if they are particularly poor quality, or if there are a lot of user reports. (Again, there is also a custom report option for this.)

Examples of programs to convert to WebM are:

XMedia Recode HandBrake

3. Flair

All posts must be flaired with either "Native", "Interpolated" or "Unknown" to indicate whether the source material is a native 60 fps video, video interpolated to 60 fps, or it is not known.

4. Approved Clip Hosts

All posts must be hosted on one of the whitelisted domains listed below. Any posts not on these sites will be automatically removed by AutoModerator.


5. Approved Streaming Hosts

Eporner PornHub

If you wish to submit a video that is hosted on a site not listed here, message the moderators and they will determine whether it will be added to the whitelist.

A major factor we look for is compatibility with RES.

6. No Self-Promotion

Posts from users that sell services on reddit will be removed, as will posts from users promoting outside accounts such as on PornHub.

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