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- Native 60 fps Content


Porn at 60 frames per second (fps) is smoother and more life-like than the standard 24 or 30 fps.

Native vs. Interpolated

Native: Video shot (natively) at 60 fps.

Interpolated: Software estimates what happens between existing frames (interpolation) in video shot at less than 60 fps.

Interpolation Tutorial


1. Framerate

Content must be 60 fps - both native and interpolated video is allowed.

Determining Framerate

2. Quality

Resolution != quality.

For Gfycat submissions, clips must be converted to the WebM format before uploading, otherwise there is significant compression and quality loss.

Examples of programs to convert to WebM are:

XMedia Recode HandBrake

Gfycat Tips More In-Depth

3. Flair

All posts must be flaired with either "Native", "Interpolated", or "Unknown" when submitting.

4. Approved Clip Hosts


5. Approved Streaming Hosts

Eporner PornHub

6. Self-Promotion

Posts from users that sell services on reddit will be removed, as will posts from users promoting outside sites (ex. verified PornHub 'amateurs').


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