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Young 'Til I Die

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A subreddit focused on the 1980s era of Hardcore Punk.

  • Text user flair is available to type anything you want to show after your username when making a post or comment.

  • NEW: Editable wiki page for any subscribers wanting to recommend EPs/LPs/Compilations from the 1980s era of hardcore punk.


  • Only post music released from the band(s) within the 1980s decade. It can be one track, an EP/LP, or live footage of the band.

  • Label the band submission post(s) with the band name, song title, and year (If you happen to know the year).

  • Link flair is available to include the location of origin of the band being posted. (Click "flair" located to the right under the posted link)

  • The same bands can be posted but try not to post the same song if it has been posted within the past month.

  • Discussion and articles about 1980s era hardcore bands are also welcome.


Recommended site for info/discographies about 1980s era Hardcore Punk bands :

1980s era Hardcore Punk Videos from Washington, DC:

Hardcore Punk Bands from the obscure side of the 1980s era:

Wild Dog Archives:

List of music subreddits:


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