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Please note that this is an anti-9GAG subreddit.

Guide Lines:

  1. Keep in mind, this is an anti-9gag subreddit. Do not try to advertise your 9gag post here.

  2. Please Do not post links to 9Gag as they make a profit out of it through ad revenue. Instead, take a screenshot and post it to Imgur or use an archiving website.

  3. Please refrain from using Sexism/Racism/Homophobia in the comment section or the title.

  4. If your post has nudity in it, please tag it as NSFW

  5. We have zero tolerance for doxxing. Giving away someone's personal information just for the sake of harassing is a ban-able offense and we will take immediate action if it occurs. (As per the reddiquette)

  6. No off topic content. All content must relate to the sub in some way. Eg. No posting links to memes on 9gag. Breaking this rule will result in a 1 day ban.

Use this to determine if a 9gag post was uploaded by an admin or not:

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