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South Asian Americans

Our purpose at /r/ABCDesis is to foster a sense of community among the South Asian Diaspora.

  • Sunday: Dating
  • Monday: Entertainment
  • Tuesday: Career & Academic advice [1]
  • Wednesday: Banter
  • Thursday: Tiffin Thursday
  • Friday: Eff Yeah Friday!
  • Saturday: Fashion & Fitness

[1] — posted every 1st and 3rd Tuesday

[2] — an ‘introduce yourself’ thread will be posted during the first week of each month

Click here to see our wiki for more detailed info about /r/ABCDesis, including our Crisis Resources list and other original material, community-sourced info, and related subreddits.

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While the origin of ABCD has the "C" standing in for "confused", we've chosen to leave its interpretation up to our members. Confused or Confident. Charismatic, Creative, or Cunning, we are what we make of ourselves and every experience is different.


1. Observe reddiquette, particularly the following values:

  • [Please don’t] Post someone's personal information, or post links to personal information.

    • In addition at /r/ABCDesis, please avoid publicly digging up other users’ reddit histories. If you have something concerning to say about another user, send the moderators a private message instead.
  • [Please don’t] Be (intentionally) rude at all. By choosing not to be rude, you increase the overall civility of the community and make it better for all of us.

  • [Please don’t] Conduct personal attacks on other commenters. Ad hominem and other distracting attacks do not add anything to the conversation.
  • [Please don’t] Start a flame war. Just report and "walk away". If you really feel you have to confront them, leave a polite message with a quote or link to the rules, and no more.
  • [Please don’t] Insult others. Insults do not contribute to a rational discussion. Constructive Criticism, however, is appropriate and encouraged.
  • [Please don’t] Troll. Trolling does not contribute to the conversation.

2. Don’t link to, promote, or brigade from hate subreddits.

3. Don’t make posts or comments that seek to validate bigoted generalizations. Speak for yourself, not others.

Submission guidelines and content restrictions

4. Don’t link to porn.

5. Only post about dating in the weekly Sunday Dating thread or Wednesday Banter Thread. However, moderators will make exceptions for time-sensitive situations.

6. Use link flairs when possible. They help draw wanted attention to your posts.

7. Submission titles of web pieces must be comprised only of the copied and pasted headline of the piece, a continuous quote taken from the piece, or both the headline and a continuous quote taken from the piece. If using a quote, it should reflect the web piece as a whole.

8. Use the No Participation domain when directing to other comment threads on reddit.

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