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AC POCKET CAMP!! Put your ACPC ID on your RMM page!

Welcome to The Animal Crossing Marketplace

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Rules and Guidelines

Post Formatting

  • Please Refer to the FORMATTING GUIDELINES POST for further explanation/examples. Make sure your post immediately starts with one of the specified tags below. Place any superfluous text after the required tags. YOUR POST WILL BE REMOVED IF IT IS NOT PROPERLY FORMATTED
  • [LF] - "Looking For" (MUST be paired with the [FT] tag!!)
  • [FT] - "For Trade"
  • [FS] - "For Sale"
  • [FST] - "For Sale or Trade"
  • [GIVEAWAY] for giving free items
  • NO BEGGING. Do not ask for free items or donations for any reason.
  • KEEP YOUR INTERACTIONS PG-13! Please do not use direct foul language, insinuate foul language with selective censoring/acronyms or use adult-oriented content/contexts here. Interactions must be appropriate for participants old enough to use reddit.
  • Please mark completed trades as COMPLETED

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