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Best of the worst of Reddit's AMA posts

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What is an AMA Disaster?

This subreddit is for those epic Ask Me Anything posts where for whatever reason, Reddit turns on the original poster. Please post links to threads on /r/iama or any other subreddit that hosts an AMA that fall under the category of complete disaster for the original poster.

What's the deal with Woody Harrelson?

Woody Harrelson's AMA to promote his film Rampart is regarded as one of the worst AMAs of all time, and was the inspiration for this sub.


  • All links must be in the form of Please read how to use np linking on the submission page.

  • Post ongoing or previous AMAs only. Posts for a future AMA that hasn't occurred yet will be removed.

  • Keep the content of /r/AMADisasters out of ongoing AMAs. This sub is not intended to be a source of brigading. Your actions outside of this sub can and will get you banned AND reported to site admins.

  • Likewise, keep the content of other subs out of /r/AMADisasters. This sub is not a place to push your opinion or agenda. An AMA is not necessarily a disaster if you just don't personally agree with it.

  • Refrain from clickbait/sensational titles.

  • If you are claiming AMA manipulation (shilling/astroturfing) you must have proof.

  • Refrain targeting users or individuals, especially if it is not on topic with the AMA.

  • And remember, let's focus on the movie, people.

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