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America's Next Top Model

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A subreddit to discuss and exchange about anything America's Next Top Model related.

Rules and Guidelines

  • When posting a spoiler about an upcoming episode, you must post Spoiler in the title of the post. Anything pertaining to the episode is considered a spoiler until the day after the episode airs.

  • When referring to a girl from a past cycle, you must include the cycle number. Ex: Nicole (5), marking her as Nicole Linkletter.

  • When referring to a girl who appeared on Cycle 17 (All Stars), please refer to them as their original season unless discussing an aspect of the All Stars cycle. Ex: Shannon (1) when talking about her in general, but Shannon (17) when discussing something about her relevant to cycle 17.

  • No racism or sexism will be tolerated.

  • No posting personal information.

  • Vocabulary shortcuts (open to suggestions): First Call Out (FCO), Bottom 2 (B2)

  • No Wikipedia screenshot speculation.

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