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Just your everyday occurrence in Russia

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  • Content doesn't have to be strictly Russia, your visualization of a normal day is good enough. We're here for laughs after all.

  • Videos are good, but pics and gifs are better. Articles work well too.

  • Help this subreddit grow by submitting content and spreading the word.


  1. No Yakov Smirnoff - In Soviet /r/ANormalDayInRussia, post deletes you.
  2. No "Meanwhile, in Russia..." It gets horribly overused here.
  3. If a post is NSFW, please mark it NSFW. Don't ruin someone's day.
  4. No NSFL content, there are plenty of other subs for Murder/Death content.
  5. No photoshops or obviously fake content. Lets keep this realistic. There are other subs for that.
  6. If you report content, please send the mods a note indicating why. It helps us.
  7. No image macros / memes.
  8. Don't be cyka

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