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A community for students in AP courses to prepare for AP Tests and get college credit

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  1. Please try to keep the discussions about AP courses and not honors courses.

  2. This is a page for people who plan on taking the test, so please keep the questions about the test(s) that you are planning on taking.

  3. If you have taken a AP course, please share your knowledge about what books are useful and important details rather than saying that the course is useless.

  4. Don't try to one up each other with scores. Everyone has their own specialties! Help with what you know and expect help with what you don't is the golden rule.

  5. When the AP week comes, please DO NOT discuss the multiple choice section! However, in accordance with the agreements made with the College Board in regards to the release of the FRQ's, you may discuss them on this site when they are released. Any form of cheating is not allowed.

  6. Please view the General Questions Megathread before asking a question.

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