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Alternate Reality Games

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>Welcome to /r/ARG > >Discord: > >Our goal is to bring you the most up to the minute news and reviews on ARG (Alternate Reality Games). Along with great links to ARG stories we will try to stay on top of the most popular ongoing games. Please feel free to message the mods if you have any questions or if there is anything else you would like to see on the subreddit.


If you post a spoiler please use the following tag in order to hide the font from those that don't want to see it.

[](/s "This is where the game spoiler would go.")

> Rules

> No personal information is to be posted. If you find a name/address or any other information, this must be sent to the /u/. If it is part of the game, it can then be posted. If it is not part of the game and it is posted you will be banned.

> If any threat or name calling make their way into a post, the offending parties will be banned without question.

> 1st Ban, 1 week, 2nd Ban permanent.

> Do not create several posts about the same ARG - write comments instead. If no one followed your trailhead, spamming will only make potential players annoyed. Spam will be removed. The allowed maximum is ONE (and only one) post about the same ARG each week.

> Post titles must be in plain english - no codes.

Please remember that if you post your ARG, people dig. They dig deep, and if there is any chance of finding personal information, they will. We have no way of knowing if it is part of a game or not. Please be sure that when you start a trailhead you have checked all aspects of your game for any information that may lead to your personal information. i.e. DNS settings, Website WhoIS, Admin Contact emails...

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