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Abuse, Interrupted

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Stopping the cycle of abuse.

Abuse, Interrupted explores all vectors of abuse and seeks to provide actionable resources for ending the cycle of abuse.

This subreddit is for anything related to any vector of any kind of abuse, recovering from abuse, perspective on abuse, and intersections between forms or systems which affect victims and perpetrators of abuse on both micro and macro levels.

Abuse does not exist in a vacuum.

This subreddit seeks to uncover and explore why we are the way we are and why we do what we do - 'we' as individuals, 'we' as participants of systems and institutions, 'we' as humanity as a whole - to delve into who we are and how we came to be that way.

It examines abuse, violence, and forms of dominance and power.

This subreddit has a very broad lens with a specific analytical perspective. It is better to ask "Why did you post this?" then "What does this have to do with abuse?"

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