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Academic Biblical Studies

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This is a subreddit mainly for discussion of early Judaism and Christianity—with a focus on Biblical texts, and other related literature (1 Enoch, the Dead Sea Scrolls, etc.)—in a scholarly context. Relevant topics include general exegetical issues, ancient languages and translation, the study of the historical Jesus, textual criticism, reception history of early Jewish/Christian literature, etc.

Academic Biblical Studies is a field just like any other in the humanities, with published literature having undergone peer review in line with secular academic standards.


  1. Provide, at least, one academic source. With rare exceptions, direct responses to questions are required to explicitly refer to a published academic work. For more information, please read this post.

  2. Provide substantial knowledge of the issue. As for direct responses to a question itself, these are expected to be substantive and to show knowledge of the academic contours of the issue—whether that be through explicit reference to prior academic work on the subject (the preferred option); or, in the event that no previous academic work on the subject is available or isn't deemed to be necessary, through substantive philological/historical analysis.

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